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Any person will tell you that one of the factors that contribute to the progress of any company is team spirit. You cannot register any tremendous stride forward unless you allow team spirit to be part of your daily activities.

Some people will tell you that team spirit is a milestone towards the sustainable development. We should again remember that the decision to prioritize team-spirit is not in its embryonic stage. It goes back to ancient civilizations. As a matter of example, the saying, “United we stand, divided we fall” is not dated recently.

Knowing that with team spirit, the university will undoubtedly move forward, ULK Gisenyi campus organized a friendly football match between staff and students to remind both employees and students that the progress the university is proud of results from their daily endeavors. The match in question took place at Nengo playground on 5th June, 2015.

Staff team in a word of prayer

However friendly the match was, both sides proved their burning desire to win it. At the very start, both teams were seen bowing their heads as they prayed to the Most High to be by their side and enable them to score goals. Being part of staff, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, joined his team in a pre-match prayer and then acted as senior coach along the match.

As for students, they were in high spirits as it was their first time to share the pitch with the university staff including their lecturers. Their facial expressions could tell that they were eager to see the way their authorities would be kicking the ball.


As it is for any football team, eleven players started on either side. Clad in yellow, ULK staff played energetically to let the students know that apart from serving them, they can play football amazingly. The students’ team was clad in blue and was determined to beat their opponents hollow as some of them could be heard saying so.

However, their expectations were shattered down when the referee blew the last whistle in a goalless result. Given this, both sides called for penalty shoot-outs to determine exactly the stronger side. Each side was to try to net five penalties. To this, five players were selected for this purpose. Matters worsened for students’ team when their three penalties were punched away by the staff’s brilliant goal keeper, Bahati Jean Pierre commonly known as Chance, while only two penalties were lost by the staff team.

While giving his concluding remarks, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel highlighted the relevance of that friendly match. He made it clear that the objective of the match was not to score goals but to strengthen team spirit between staff and students. He also added that the match aimed at promoting healthy lives among staff and students as no one can serve or study well when his life is in danger.

“The core objective of this match is not winning and losing. We have come to play so as to strengthen team spirit between students and staff since we all strive for the betterment of ULK as an academic institution.

In the second place, this match was aiming at keeping both staff and students healthy so as to better achieve our goal of making ULK a leading university in all ways”, he was quoted as saying.



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