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Today 7th March 2017, Rwanda’s state minister in charge of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVETs), Hon. Olivier RWAMUKWAYA, visited ULK Polytechnic Institute to personally witness the progress the institute has been making since its inception. The minister along with the delegation he was heading, were warmly welcomed red by the senior management of Kigali Independent University ULK spearheaded by Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA, the Founder and President of ULK.

In his welcome remarks, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, expressed his gratitude vis-à-vis the visit by government officials. As he said, their visit is a motivating factor towards excellence.

Disclosing the motive behind their visit, the minister said that their visit aimed at seeing how far ULK Polytechnic Institute has gone in equipping young people with technical skills that will enable them to be self-reliant.

“As the ministry having TVETs in its remits, we have found it worthwhile to come here and visit different services offered by ULK Polytechnic Institute. To be frank, we’ve been impressed by the commendable strides this institute has so far made in equipping people with technical skills”, he was quoted saying.

Having been wowed by the progress the institute has been making, the minister pledged advocacy to ensure that many other strides will be registered.

“Good achievements are worth saluting and cherishing. We at the ministry in charge of TVETs are going to make advocacy so that ULK Polytechnic Institute may keep registering commendable progress in the technical world. We will do our best so that many other officials may come and see what you are doing”, he promised.

Everything considered, the minister along with his delegation posed for a group photo with the senior management of ULK and that marked the end of the function.

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