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ULK Kigali, March 21, 2015 a group of students from Institut Superieur de Management (ISM) visited Kigali Independent University ULK in the context of paving a partnership and sharing experience between both institutions.

Upon their arrival, they were warmly welcomed by Mr. Okoko Osambo, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics at ULK and Theoneste Mbonigaba, Director of Students’ Affairs and Customer care. The spokesperson of students said that the purpose of the visit is to learn from such a university as ULK which is well positioned to provide quality education not only to Rwandans but also other nationals from neighboring countries.

Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA, Founder and President of ULK received the students

Thereafter students met Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda, Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK who gave them a short historical background of the university and they got an opportunity to get informed about the secret to the success of ULK; which is no other than abiding by principles namely having faith in God, in yourself and in the project, knowing your mission on earth, living ethical values and having positive thoughts.
“The creation of ULK just after the genocide in 1994 came in handy as a solution to problems of many Rwandans who had been deprived of rights to education.” Founder of ULK added.

The students visited computer labs

The students visited polytechnic labs

Students were taken round the campus to visit infrastructures and facilities such as ULK Polytechnic, physical and digital laboratories, offices, classrooms and conference rooms.
They were very much impressed by the facilities available at Kigali Independent University ULK.
Speaking on the behalf of the rest of the team, Mr. Balibuno B. John was very much impressed by the warm welcome by ULK authorities and said that their expectations were highly met.

Students with DVC Academics / ULK Kigali campus

“We would like to express our deep recognition and satisfaction at the scientific and moral aspects.
We are grateful for pieces of advice given to us by the founder of ULK. He is such an important person in the society that the whole world can learn from. His pieces of advice show how someone can earn his/her life successfully and this will not go unnoticed. ”
John said.

John said that ULK gives no room to segregation in whatever form it might appear.

As a matter of fact, ULK register students from all walks of life and pay the same tuition fees as nationals.

“What we saw here changed our way of thinking and we are going back with a good perception on the institution and the country as well. Indeed, we are looking forward to establishing smooth partnership between both institutions.” He concluded.

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