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There is a saying in Kinyarwanda which can be literally translated as “a hoe that paves the way for friendship is one’s foot”. In other words you cannot claim to be my friend if you have never been at my home. It seems like Mama Mlezi students; especially those entering the university in few months ahead knew the above saying when they dedicated their time to visiting ULK Gisenyi Campus on 20th May, 2016.

It was a delegation of secondary school leavers led by a number of officials from the aforementioned school. Given the floor, the head of the delegation, expressed his appreciation for the way they were hosted. “Most of us knew ULK through what other people say, but we have personally visited the institution. To be frank, the way we have been hosted is good and this means the university is visionary and knows where it’s heading to”, he was quoted as saying.

Relationships between Kigali Independent University and Mama Mlezi School in DR-Congo were cemented by the visit Mr Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics, made to Goma last year and in few days back. Soon, as Kabasha says, the university is to send English mentors to help students and staff at Mama Mlezi School to upgrade their level in English language.

Like it usually happens for other visitors, the delegation had to be shown around. Given the number of students and their officials, an option to chunk them into two groups was deemed worthwhile for a smooth visit. To this, one group had to be led by Mr Kabasha Médard while the second had to follow Mr Mugumo Déo, Director of Administration and Finance.


Along the exercise, different locations were visited. They include, lecture rooms, powder rooms, reception desk, various offices to mention but a few. At every location, they could stop and get explanations.

In his intervention, Mugumo Déo, reiterated that students at ULK are granted enough time to personally discuss the contents of their lessons by carrying out research either electronically or in libraries. He told them this after he had sufficiently discussed the modalities of payment found at this university.

In his remarks, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, pointed out the importance of education in this corporate world and encouraged those students to make the right decision and join the University for their Bachelor’s Program. He went further to say that the university has since its inception been doing all it can to offer quality education and it now has every necessary equipment to offer education worthy of the name.
Everything considered, the delegation got on the university buses and made it back to their home country.

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