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ULK Polytechnic Students visits industries and companies

ULK Polytechnic Institute is performing well in helping Rwanda to prepare the technicians with hands on skills; based on the qualified lecturers, laboratory instructors and materials and equipments we have in the following programs:

– Advanced Diploma in Construction Technology

-Advanced Diploma in Land surveying Engineering

-Advanced Diploma in Electrical Technology

-Advanced Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications Technology


A part of that ULK Polytechnic Institute reinforces the field skills by preparing and paying visits to different public and private institutions for students study visits.

ULK Polytechnic Institute students have visited:


-RBA specifically in technical department

-IHS Rwanda (antenna systems and mobile communications)

-ULK PEC in domains of construction and electrical.

More with images:

Polytechnic Students RBA Servers

Polytechnic Students visits Antenna

Polytechnic Students IHS Rwanda

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