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The ABC of Fire Causes and Control Demonstrated To ULK staff

Fire safety at work is everyone’s business the reason why each and every employee should receive basic fire safety training. Friday, the 1st August 2014 ULK fire safety courses were introduced in a bid to train the staff on important basic responses in case of fire break-out. The basic fire elements of fire protection includes: quick detection and fast alert, measures to extinguish fire as well as the wisdom to take exit route for survival. The training was organized from the initiative of the Direction of Technical Assets at ULK with Mr. NZABONIMPA Justin at headship while courses were dispensed by the Managing Director of TMG Investment Ltd. Mr. Tom Mugire.

Generally, only few fire circumstances are outside of human control. When fire is prevented or extinguished before the flames grow too high we can save huge damage; we can reduce injury cases; stop death and recover good property. ULK premises shelters lives of hundreds peoples and the facilities from buildings to equipment called for a fire safety system. The institution has established the system which allows basic fire fighting. For the same sake, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels are installed on all floors in both right and left wings of the buildings. The fire fighting apparatus is fixed at public access and first sight. In addition, the exit routes were also provided at both extremes of all ULK buildings.

It is important to have a good fire extinguisher, strategically placed in the building; however this can only serve an answer for fire accidents when the community in the premises has got adequate training to prevent fatal fire accidents at workplace. During the training session of the day, the trainees were introduced to common fire hazards namely open flames, heat, electrical system in poor condition, flammable liquids, wiring and alike. On the other hand, appropriate fire extinguisher were demonstrated. The category A for paper, wood; the category B for flammable liquid, and C for gaseous. A number of straight forward tips for response were shared and discussed, thereafter a session of demonstration was run.
It was recommended to the trained staff to break the barriers and believe in themselves after learing the fire-free ways. In point of fact, a lot has been done to control fire yet the fire safety system at ULK is still under further development. The courses go on for large target group.



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