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The call of the Founder and President of ULK to maintain quality standards high

October the 16th 2013 the Founder and President of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA,with the Senior Managers of the university in his companionship, met the Academic staff and administrative cadres in a bid to strengthen the foundation of quality service offered within the institution as based on the culture and philosophy of ULK.

Four points were fixed on the Agenda, namely:

  • Welcoming the newly recruited teaching staff
  • Recall on ULK culture and Philosophy
  • Steps towards better Quality service delivery
  • Dialogue

Offering his opening toast the Rector of ULK Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel acknowledged the efforts and endeavour among the management and staff whereby he noted that the smooth functioning of the institution is only possible because of their commitment and teamwork. The rector expressed his gratitude towards the Founder’s spirit of foreseeing and cooperation which is actually a drawbridge of ULK success.
From his talk, the Founder and President of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA congratulated and welcomed the newly recruited teaching staff and addressed the audience at large his call to maintain quality standard high in the right of ULK philosophy and culture. As explained with illustrations ULK principles are the foundation of its success what entails that any member of ULK community is required to fit into the culture and reflect the principles .

The Founder disclosed that: “a principle is like a pathway with deep pits asides. Watch your steps as you walk along”

The principles of ULK are:

  • Having living faith in God
  • Knowing your mission on earth
  • Holding positive thoughts
  • Living ethical values

Staff were reminded to read and own their respective duties sheets, the internal regulation and to comply with them

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