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This was an event full of enthusiasm when the induction week got closed this Friday on 11th October, 2019 as it had been going on since 7th October, 2019. This colorful event was held in the main hall of ULK Gisenyi campus.  This week has been characterized by a number of activities which include signing performance contracts, testimonies from new students especially foreigners, and various remarks by important personalities.

Itorero was re-introduced to revamp the culture of Rwandans.

It was an event which was attended by students and staff members among others ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, KARARA Alexis, the Director of Administration and Finance, Heads of Departments and lectures. Throughout this week again, the campus was privileged to welcome different speakers including Umutahira(leader) representing itorero in Ruvavu District. His presence made the event colorful as he briefed participants especially freshers students on different realities pertaining to itorero (cultural school). As he said, “Itorero was re-introduced to revamp the culture of Rwandans which was at stake with some people behaving unethically”.

In the middle, ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, his right, KARARA Alexis, the Director of Administration and Finance, his left, ISHIMWE Pacifique umutahira (students leader)    

In his speech, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs, thanked all the present participants for their vows and courage displayed throughout the whole week. He reminded the audience that the induction week is a program carried out at national level, where all universities operating in Rwanda are obviously required   to apply principles, philosophy, and national values which help all citizens to be fairly integrated in Rwandan community.

He provided further explanations by saying that the induction week brings together ongoing students with fresher students whereby the latter get to know more about the institution through the explanations they get from their colleagues in the upper classes. By concluding his remarks, Director of Academic affairs, said that all students ought to know and practice principles, philosophy and ULK values and that ULK is an institution that academically strives for students’ excellence. Therefore, students will never be disappointed at all”.

 Mr.ISHEMA Pierre, the Director of Academic Affairs at ULK Gisenyi Campus.

All students were extremely happy due to the fact that they were rejoicing for the benefits got from the induction week, they started the function with the highest enthusiasm by singing hymns praising the nation and practicing parade.

Students were carrying out the parade

In their pledges, students of ULK Gisenyi campus vowed in front of the congregation that they will fight against genocide, and embrace the culture of saving which will be helping them to save the little money they would afford in Oder to put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired from the speakers who addressed them during the induction week.

ISHIMWE Pacifique umutahira w’intore (students leader) was pledging different vows.  

The function ended in praying and having a reminiscence photo.

 Reminiscence photograph of Abatahira (leaders) and Intagamburuzwa of ULK.

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