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Today, April 4, 2015 Kigali Independent University ULK hosted a meeting in which Dr. Jean Damascene Bizimana, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG), was invited to give an address on the denial and refusal to acknowledge the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994.

The meeting was introduced by opening remarks and a word of prayer said by Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK. This meeting is held as ULK organizes a commemoration day on Saturday May 2, 2015.
Dr. Jean Damascene Bizimungu is a researcher on the Rwandan history in general and genocide related issues in particular.
In his address to ULK community, he explained genocide and other crimes related to it such as its refusal and denial.


He said that in the aftermath of the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994 it was not recognized yet as genocide. From 1996 to 2006 investigations were carried out and it was then internationally recognized that there was a genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in Rwanda.
As a matter of fact, the UN Peace Security Council proclaimed Resolution 22/5 which stipulated that all states to put in place laws acknowledging the genocide in Rwanda.

CNLG Executive visits ULK Kigali campus

Irrespective of the above decision with clear facts, many people still protested against it. He went on to explain what denial of genocide is. He said that genocide denial is characterized by four points namely:
-** To say or try to show that the 1994 genocide did not happen;
-** To mislead people about the truth on the genocide;
-** To claim that there was a double genocide;
-** To say that the genocide against Tutsi was not planned

Dr. Bizimungu gave many examples of those who deny genocide but the same examples are void of facts; he rather emphasized the accuracy of facts showing how genocide was a planned action by bad leaders from long time through segregation in all aspects of life until it was put into action in 1994.
The Executive Secretary of CNLG took that opportunity to show ULK community how our society was poisoned with hatred which led to mass killings of the Tutsi. In this respect, he showed how RPF took the initiative to eradicate this hatred by putting in place a government of unity and reconciliation. Now, all Rwandans are treated the same and have in common a country which is keen on protecting its citizens by putting at their disposal rights and privileges they are meant to enjoy as Rwandans.


“It is our duty to safeguard all the commendable achievements made by our country and fight against everyone who ignores our history”. Dr. Bizimungu emphasized.

He said that one the responsibilities of CNLG is to avail the documentation which provides real truth about the genocide. He encouraged participants to take part in writing and revealing the truth about the genocide.
In his closing remarks, Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel, Vice Chancellor of ULK appreciated him for his contribution to the rebuilding of our nation towards a bright future.

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