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Accompanied by the Vice Chancellor, the Founder and President of ULK made it to ULK/Gisenyi Campus on October 16th 2017. In actual fact, this visit was deemed paramount as new students had been eager to see face to face the visionary man who founded the university of their choice.

Prior to the Founder and President’s address, there was a short presentation by Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, ULK Vice Chancellor. The presentation focused on specific articles selected from ULK rules and regulations manual. The thing is, students were reminded of certain articles directly concerned with them; those related to suspension, assessment, expulsion, just to mention among others.


In his address, the President and Founder started by thanking the students in attendance, especially the new ones for having chosen ULK for their university studies. Still there, he emphatically assured them that ULK will do all it can to satisfy them in all ways.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate upper classes students on their success. Particularly, I thank the new students for having chosen our institution among many other higher learning institutions operating across the region. We stand more than willing to provide you with the best we can so you don’t feel dissatisfied or disappointed.”

The Founder and President went further elaborating on the principles of ULK philosophy, notably: to have faith in God, to live ethical values, to know one’s mission on earth and to have positive thoughts.  ULK core values were not left out. Stressing excellence, one of ULK core values, the Founder and President revealed to the students the secrets that can help them excel in their studies. As he put it, some of those secrets include among others; regular class attendance and participation, regular personal study, group work, reading, mastery of English, mastery of ICT skills and discipline.

Everything considered, the Founder and President blessed the gathering through a word of prayer.



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