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The Leaders Rwanda Deserves: A conference on the Law N0 61/2008 of 10/09/2008

ULK Kigali hosted a conference and panel of discussion about the Law N0 61/2008 of 10/09/2008 indicating the Leadership Code of Conduct in Rwanda. The speakers and moderators during this function were delegates from the office of the ombudsman notably, Mr. MAHORO Emmanuel and Mrs. KABEGA Caritas.
The discussion was featured around different articles of the law regulating the conduct of leaders focusing on the expected behavior patterns, the prohibited conducts, the incompatibilities areas and penalties provided by the law in case of any breach or compromise. The Conference was opened by the Vice Rector Academics Prof.Dr. Kaaya Siraje.

Attendees to the conference were reminded that they should act as good leaders marked with patriotism, nationalism, integrity and forward-looking ability. Mr. MAHORO Emmanuel called upon participants to play a vital role in uprooting corrupt practices and sustaining good governance principles for today generation and the generations to come


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