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The meeting of Higher Learning Institutions in Rwanda

Tuesday 31/10/2012, Kigali Independent University hosted a meeting gathering the Rectors of both private and public Higher Learning Institutions operating in Rwanda. The meeting was organized by the ministry of education, chaired by The Executive Director of the Higher Education Council, Prof. RUGEGE Geoffrey. The important point on the agenda namely, reviewing the draft law governing the functioning of learning institutions in Rwanda.

After discussion and opinion exchange, it was realized that the version need some amendments as far as the law terms are considered. The meeting got on the same mind upon the idea that learning institutions should partake in uplifting quality education on the ground that they serve a public interest of training the country’s manpower. For endowing the draft law a more inclusive and all compassing form, the meeting appointed a task force team representing to put together comments and observations from each Higher Learning Institutions. Thereafter, another reunion will seat to exchange minds on the brainstormed suggestions.


The task force team is composed by: The Rector of INES, The Rector of ISAE, The Rector of NUR, The Rector of KIE and the Executive Director of HEC presiding over.

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