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Today, February 6, 2015 Ulk (Kigali Campus) hosted the President of the High Court, Mr Charles Kaliwabo. No wonder that Albert Einstein said, “The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know”. In the same framework, the president of the High Court conducted this visit in order to help ULK community develop their awareness as far as their skills on Court structures and the fight against court corruption are concerned.

Ulk community consisted of its authorities, both academic and administrative staff as well as students.
The conference was opened with a word of prayer said by the Vice Chancellor of ULK, Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel who, thereafter, introduced and welcomed the speaker to address the audience present.
The conference was about “the fight against court corruption” and was held ahead of Anti-corruption week due to take place next week (second week of February). Given the floor, the president of the Court introduced his talk by explaining the structure of Courts in Rwanda (Primary courts, Intermediate courts, High Court and Chambers and Supreme Court as well as specialized courts such commercial and military courts) and how they differ according to their level of competency.

Furthermore, he explained that courts are meant to render justice in society; therefore all legal practitioners should always be conscious that they were entrusted by God with a big responsibility.
As a matter of fact, he quoted the book of Deuteronomy in the Bible where God told his prophet Moses to choose worth people who would help in rendering justice to God’s people.
“It is also a pride and joy for a lawyer to render justice to the needy”. He added.

The purpose of Anti corruption week is to remind legal practitioners their responsibility. He added that everyone is responsible for fighting against corruption and should keep in mind that corruption is not given to the institution but individuals. Corruption has three main forms namely money, family relations or sex based corruption.
The president of High Court further explained that it would be surprising to witness cases of corruption in the very institutions responsible for the fight against injustice. Such cases are caused by lawyers and the so called commission agents who tarnish the image of courts because of their corruption deeds.

Mr Kaliwabo revealed to the audience that the theme for the oncoming week dedicated to anti corruption activities is entitled “Ruswa ikwambura ubumuntu ikakugira ikintu” translated in English as follows: “Corruption dehumanize someone and makes him/her something”.
Mr. Kaliwabo emphasized that the value of someone equals the value of what they receive as corruption in exchange for justice services they are meant to offer. In this respect he gave an example of 27 workers who were sacked out because they were guilty of corruption from 2005-2015.

“Your are the legal practitioners of tomorrow, please maintain your value and help us fight against corruption”. Kaliwabo asked the audience.
He recommended the audience to read some portions of scriptures found in the Bible in Exodus 23.8, Ecclesiastics 7.7, Deuteronomy 16.19, Isaiah 5.20 where the centre theme is focused on how people can get blinded by a mere act of receiving gifts from people they are meant to serve.

He also quoted Martin Luther King that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
However, irrespective of that challenge, Mr Kaliwabo said that Rwandan courts are trusted by the population and are more independent that some courts in developed countries.


To conclude, Mr Kaliwabo appreciated the legal clinic operating within the university and promised that the High Court will always be ready to provide any conference on the implementation of laws in Rwanda. Requested by the Vice Chancellor, the President of High Court said a word of prayer to close.


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