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On Thursday December 17, 2015 representatives of Transparency International Rwanda met ULK community to have their awareness developed as far as corruption is concerned. Mr. Kabera Pierre Claver was the speaker in the meeting.
He entitled his presentation, “Corruption, its effects and status of bribe in Rwanda as reflected in 2015.”

He explained corruption as an abuse of entrusted power for private gain or abuse of public office for public gain. Furthermore, he discussed different forms of corruption such as nepotism, extortion, bribe, favoritism, embezzlement, collusion, sexual corruption, etc….
He emphasized that corruption negatively impacts the life of a country be it economically, politically or socially.

He said that according to a study conducted, Rwanda is one of the countries which have a good position in fighting against corruption both at regional and international region.

Irrespective of various forms of corruption found in different institutions, Rwanda has put in place laws to fight against corruption.

Mr. Kabera told students that they should not be involved in any form of corruption they want to take part in the development of the country.
It was such an interesting talk to the extent that students raised many questions having to do with the presentation made by Mr. Kabera.

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