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A delegation led by Tupendane Institute headmaster made it to ULK Gisenyi Campus on Friday 3rd June, 2016 to personally witness what Kigali Independent University ULK offers as services. It was for them a wonderful opportunity as they benefited from this to tour different locations at the university. This made them know how different services are offered especially those which have to do with academics.

Upon their arrival, expressions of amazement could be seen on their faces. They could walk around staring at various locations and marveling at many. From time to time, they could ask questions to any ULK staff nearby to explain for them what could seem unusual for them. Since satisfying visitors is what ULK strives for, any staff present could answer all the questions with pleasure to ensure that the Congolese delegation goes back satisfied.


Interactions with the delegation were held in one of the halls of the campus shortly after seeing around. Mr. Kabasha Médard, Director of Academics, once again wished the delegation a wonderful stay and then briefly described the university. In so doing, he let them know that the university has a number of schools which include Economics and Business Studies, Social Sciences, Law, Rural Development and Computer Science. Besides, he made it clear that the university also has some polytechnics to train those whose passion is to be skilled in things like electricity, plumbing, construction and the like.

Mr. John Sivendira Katembo, Headmaster of Tupendane Institute, praised ULK for smart services and education that meets the needs of the students. He also lauded the University for valuing English language and ICT. He thereafter urged his students to make the right choice and go to ULK for their undergraduate program. “ULK is a hidden treasure located a few miles away from where we live. You should make the right decision and come here for your undergraduate studies if you really wish to have decent lives in the days ahead”, he advised them.

“It is something heartwarming to see that ULK has put both English and ICT at the forefront. In our today’s world, if you are not skilled in English and ICT, you are undoubtedly illiterate. That is why, coming here is a welcome move”, he added.


One of the students wished to know whether shifting from ULK to any Congolese university can be an easy task. Answering the question, Mr. Kabasha Médard said that ULK works closely with Congolese universities in such a way that moving from ULK to DRC for pursuing studies cannot be something to worry much about. He also said that the programs offered at ULK meet international standards when it comes to higher learning and this makes it easy for students to quit ULK and go to other institutions worldwide with confidence.

“We work hand in hand with Congolese academic institutions and there is no shadow of doubt that once some of our students decide to pursuit their studies in DRC, they can be well received. It’s just a matter of being endowed with our recommendation letters or any other document proving that you have been our student”, he told them.

“Programs offered by ULK meet international standards pertaining to higher learning. This therefore makes it easy for our students to crisscross the world over for their studies”, he added.

All is well that ends well, as Shakespeare William said. The function came to an end and the visitors went back to their home country expressing their desire to join ULK come next academic year.


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