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The name Ujuzi is a Swahili name meaning knowledge in English. According to linguists, knowledge can be acquired from class while wisdom can be inherited or passed from individual to individual informally. This is may be what pushed the founders of this Goma based institution to attribute that name to their school. They wanted to send a message to the vast majority of the population that only in class one can milk knowledge.

In other words, you cannot stay at home and expect to be equipped with knowledge sometime in the future. Schools are therefore of various categories: There are those at elementary level, secondary and tertiary. Since true education has no limit, on 23rd May 2016, Ujuzi secondary school leavers from Goma/DRC visited Kigali Independent University/ Gisenyi Campus with a view to find out how knowledge is imparted into students at this fountain of knowledge.

As soon as the delegation had cleared all required documents at the border, they boarded ULK buses and were taken to the campus. Arriving there, a word of prayer got said to better start their visit. Thereafter, Mr Mugumo Déo, Director of Administration and Finance, who was guiding the visitors, held the microphone to briefly tell them about the university. Key elements he highlighted include the foundation of the university, its mission, values, principles, schools, departments, payment modalities, to mention but a few.
“A student is free to discuss with the officer in charge of Finance and together they agree on how the student will be paying all the fees required by the university. One may choose to pay in installments or pay all the fees at once”, he told the visitors.

Having been told about the university, the next step was to show them around so as to be sure of what they had been told by the word of the mouth. To this, the Director of Administration and Finance had to show them locations like, the reception, power supply generators, campus stationery, canteen, dormitories, classrooms, and offices among other locations.

When the exercise of showing them around had climaxed, they went back to the campus main hall for further interaction. It is at this point that the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel addressed them. In his remarks, he thanked them for their cordial visit and wished them a fantastic stay at the campus. He thereafter told them to opt for the right university for their Bachelor’s studies.

“If yours is to go to university for your Bachelor’s studies, you have to think and make the right choice by going to a university whose academic reputation is unquestionable. ULK partners with many universities worldwide and this has so far made it a university whose graduates face the realities on the job market with confidence”, he told the eager visitors.
At the end of the function, the visitors asked questions and then got on the campus buses and went back to their home country.

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