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ULK 10th Graduation Ceremony, Academic year 2012-2013

Today, February 14, 2014 at ULK Stadium/Gisozi a total of 1,696 students graduated from Kigali Independent University (ULK), 941 of them being females, thus 55.5% and 755 males, 44.5%.
After the graduation to be held at ULK Gisenyi Campus in March, Kigali Independent University will have graduated 19,354 students since its inception in 1996.
The students were awarded Bachelor’s degrees in various disciplines according to the faculties in which they pursued their studies namely Computer Science, Economics and Business Studies, Law and Social Sciences.
The respective ceremony brought together various people including dignitaries and authorities from the Government, representatives of other Higher Learning Institutions, other partners, ULK authorities, lecturers and staff, well wishers, students and their parents who had come to witness the ceremony.
The Guest of Honor in the ULK graduation ceremony has been Fidele Ndayisaba, the Mayor of Kigali City.
A word of prayer was said by the Deputy Legal Representative of ULK. She thanked God for all the achievements He has enabled students to make during all the time they studied at ULK as well as the institution in general.
After a word of prayer, the Chancellor of ULK, Prof. Dr Kalisa Mbanda officially declared ULK 10th Graduation ceremony open; thereafter different people addressed the congregation as follows:
While addressing the congregation, the Rector of ULK Dr. Sekibibi Ezekiel requested everyone present to join him in congratulating the students on the achievement they made and has taken that opportunity to welcome the guests in the ceremony. In his speech he said the ULK is doing well and its contribution is very significant either at the national or regional levels thanks to its excellent education. ULK students are found at all levels such as Justice sector, Financial institutions where they hold good positions and perform well and other run their own business. This is made possible thanks to skills and knowledge imparted by competent Lecturers and to modern facilities and equipments of quality available at Campus.
ULK conducts research works which contribute to the solutions of problems of Rwandans.
“ULK is not only concerned with the quality of education but also its contribution to the sustainable development of the country in general and Rwandans in particular.” He added.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Prof. Dr Rwanyindo appreciated the graduates for their courage and commitment which helped them come thus far. “This is the time to harvest with joy what you sowed with tears. With the degrees you are going to be awarded you should be able prove that you have the capacity and competence to perform your duties”. He insisted.
He also appreciated the President and Founder of ULK for having the idea to start ULK and his close guidance and improvement where he tries to adapt and lift ULK higher to meet the requirements. He ended by appreciating His Excellency Paul Kagame who always insists on imparting not only the theory but also practical skills enabling people to be job creators instead of job seekers.
The Chancellor of ULK also addressed the congregation and thanked the students for their endless courage and commitment without which they could have not made it. He thanked God who assisted Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda to run this tremendous project. He appreciated the good collaboration existing between the government and ULK as regards policies and programs in place because providing science without conscience is a waste of time.
He showed his position and feelings that he has for the starting of Masters programmes because it will be an opportunity for many Rwandans to pursue Masters studies in Rwanda at an effective cost.
In his normal way of greeting “May God bless you!” The President and Owner Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda wished a happy new year to all people present at the ceremony. He first thanked God, whom he always refers to as the Top Manager of ULK for His love, guidance and power in all the achievements. He also thanked His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda for a good vision he has for the country and all the steps that Rwanda have made so far in all sectors of life such as justice, welfare and development.
He said that he is proud of the collaboration and partnership with the country’s authorities and highlighted that ULK activities are in line with Vision 2020 and other programs such as EDPRS.
ULK plays a vital role ways in contributing to the country’s development whereby for instance it pays taxes to the RRA. For example, ULK paid the taxes equivalent to RWF 1,68,796,285 last year. ULK fights against poverty by employing people where it has 418 permanent staff and almost 300 visiting lecturers.
The president said that ULK is a gender sensitive institution whereby out 1696 graduates 55.5% are women.

The advice of the Founder and President to the graduates is to be job creators and be motivated by the following principles:
1) To have faith in God, in the country and in the project they undertake to do;
2) Having positive thoughts to overcome fear and challenges facing them as entrepreneurs;
3) Living ethical values
4) Providing quality service and
5) Joining cooperatives

The president ended by sensitizing young graduates to be aware of Hanga Umurimo program initiated by the Government in a bid to help young entrepreneurs undertake income generating projects.
The president and Owner of ULK welcomed the Guest of Honor Mr Fidele Ndayisaba the Mayor of Kigali City.
The Guest of Honor thanked the President and Owner of ULK for the initiative to make a way for those who were disadvantaged by the history to study in higher leaning institutions; and appreciated its good collaboration and partnership with either government or private institutions. guest_of_honour.jpg
He congratulated the University on its contribution towards the development of the country.
This good collaboration is not something which comes from the vacuum but a good example we learn from the President of the Republic of Rwanda and thanks to peace and security that all the citizens enjoy and therefore can achieve more.
“Rwandan community is expecting a lot from you; therefore you are requested to put into practice what you have acquired here for your own good and for the benefit of the country”. He told the graduates.
He welcomed them to the market labor and encouraged them to pursue further studies.
The conferment of Degrees was conducted by the Chancellor of ULK, Prof. Dr Kalisa Mbanda.
It is also worth noting that Forty seven Best students who have succeeded with First Class Honors (Great Distinction) were awarded by ULK and other institutions such as PSF, I&M Bank, Airtel and RIL.
The representative of Private Sector Federation (PSF) in the ceremony also awarded ULK for its remarkable contribution of the country’s development as one of 100 best private institutions in Rwanda.
The representative of students thanked the parents who helped them all along their studies and special thanks went to the President of ULK and Madam who accepted to be a channel through which education was promoted and has put all necessary facilities at their disposal for quality education. Students owe the president a huge debt of gratitude for his endless social assistance and parental care to impart ethical values. The representative of students also thanked the Government through its institutions and private institutions for having supported their studies.

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