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When ULK Gisenyi Campus concluded the third English language training session in Goma/DRC on 28th August 2015, a lot of residents in Goma revealed that the name ULK is part of their vocabulary. If you haphazardly ask someone in Goma to tell you something about ULK, they will tell you that the latter is an academic institution operating in Rwanda.

ULK won a lot of minds due to different visits made by authorities and subsequently by the language mentorship conducted within nine consecutive weeks. However, as some of the residents put it, they happened to know the university through its website which can be accessed by typing ULK Rwanda in Google search box.



Coming back to the aforementioned English training, the third of its kind, it was unique and one of a kind. Trainees were in high spirits as the concluding event came shortly after they had visited ULK Gisenyi Campus. Nevertheless, they all expressed their sadness after hearing that the training was to be concluded. This is understandable because, English language is still in its embryonic stage as far as education in DRC is concerned.

Singing in English

All students expressed their burning desire to learn and master it as they already know that this language is winning a fertile ground detrimental to French, a language many Congolese speak with ease. With the current globalization trends, English language is needed to bring people from different corners of the world together. Besides, one won’t be telling a blatant lie if they overtly say that international business is made easier when involved parties have English language in common.

Visitors' representative disclosing their satisfaction

Most of the students who were given the floor on that special occasion expressed their wish for the training to be extended to more weeks. They also thanked ULK management for having thought about them and sent them the best trainers who dedicated themselves wholeheartedly towards the transformation of trainees’ minds in English language. “It is sad to learn that our trainers are going back with no hope to return soon.

Anyway, the unyielding skills we’ve got from them will be for us a bridge that will connect us to the English speaking world”, one of the trainees stated.

Proving their progress through debates

Proving their progress in the language of William Shakespeare, trainees impressed the audience through different activities such as; reciting poems, friendly debate, songs in English, telling stories, to mention but a few.
Asked whether the training has been helpful, Mr Benjamin Nzala, one of the trainees, put it that the training not only helped him to upgrade his communication competence in English language but it was an opportunity for him to make more friends.

“Actually, when I came here, my level in English was relatively poor; however I now trust my mind when it comes to speaking this language with confidence. Besides, the training made it possible for me to make a lot of friends”, he proudly echoed.

Group photo with their mentor

Good to say, the idea to organize English language training in Goma is not solely owned by students, but school administrators also requested to be trained in English so as to upgrade their level in the language that is competitively winning much fame detrimental to other languages today.

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