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ULK (Main Campus), January 28, 2015, Founder and President of ULK Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda met both day and evening students as regards the improvement of quality of students’ education and service delivery by ULK staff.
This was a twofold purpose meeting where both students and ULK academic and administrative staff were reminded duties which fall in their area of responsibility and were highly asked to give their contribution towards the same goal. The Founder urged students to be committed in order to successfully fulfill their duties and asked them to help the institution provide the best quality service due to them.

Every student should get a service at ULK within three days only

The Founder and President reminded students that the University is always concerned with the quality education that students get. In this respect, the syllabi currently being used have been revised and harmonized in a satisfactory manner by at least two lecturers. Thus their quality is ensured.
“Quality is a shared responsibility. Therefore each and every one of us is expected to give their contribution in order to fulfill our duties before God, our country and families”. The President added.
Students were reminded of some important points without which they would not claim to have acquired and attained the quality of education and thus they will not be qualified to be called best students.
Those points include class participation, Personal regular reading, attending group work, doing research, improvement of both English language and ICT skills.


The President added and insisted a combination of all the above pieces advice, will make them the best graduates ever.
On the other hand the Founder and President emphasized that ULK staff has a huge responsibility to serve students but if the staff does get feedback from students on how they receive service they will always be victims of bad service. “Please, help us serve you accordingly because you are the first beneficiaries of services we provide”. The President urged the students.
In the same context, President of ULK requested students to report their pending cases to all university authorities including himself by the means of sending an SMS. “Every student should get a service at ULK within three days only.” The Founder added after giving them his contact and the contacts of other authorities.

The Founder and President of ULK concluded by asking both the staff and students to work hand in hand in order to achieve one goal of improving the quality in such aspects as administrative, finance and teaching.


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