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On 01/05./2019, the ULK entire staff gathered in a conference hall to celebrate the International Workers’ Day. In the same event, the best performers who showcased outstanding realizations over the previous academic year were awarded.

The event attracted all employees of Kigali Independent University ULK, those serving ULK Polytechnic Institute and those at the ULK Business wing, SOCOBA.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, the Vice Chancellor of ULK who spoke on behalf of the university management said that celebrating Labor Day is something that ULK has been doing for quite some years and it is a day that enables the staff members to evaluate themselves and see some areas that need improvement.

“We gather together every year to celebrate Labor Day. This is something ULK cherishes as we recognize the unwavering contribution of our employees. Indeed, this is an event that reminds us that we should rejoice while bearing in mind that the loopholes found in our duties have to be covered so as to better propel the mandate of this institution”, he told the participants.

Before awarding the overall best performers, the Director of Administration and Finance, Mr. NSENGIYUMVA Jacques, told the employees that ULK employees are generally best but among the best, there are always the best. To this, he requested those whose names were not to be mentioned for awards to take it easy as awards are limited and can’t be given to everybody.

“ULK employees are believed to be the best workers. That is why you have continued to enjoy your monthly payments. You can’t be cheating the institution and remain on the payroll. Therefore, you have all been completing your assignments exceptionally though when it comes to awarding, only the best of the best walk away with prizes”, he told his fellow employees.

Corroborating what the Director of Administration and Finance had said, Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, said that ULK is one of the institutions which never register arrears when it comes to paying employees. He then requested the employees to keep fulfilling their duties decently without waiting for someone to remind them.

“ULK is among the few institutions which release their employees’ salary every month without registering any delay. You have always been receiving your salary every month and I have never seen anyone complaining about salary delay. It is against this background that I’d like to urge you to keep doing what you are supposed to do and do it timely and willfully if you really wish to enjoy a good working environment”, he advised the participants.

After awarding the overall best performers, the participants proceeded with a conviviality which was full of eats and soft drinks.


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