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ULK Board of Directors sits

This Friday the 2nd November 2016, the board of directors of Kigali Independent University has met presided over by Prof.Dr. RWANYINDO R. Pierre the Chairperson of the board.

The Board of Directors approved the following decisions:

DEC 95/BD/2016

The Board of Directors approves the minutes of the previous meeting with amendments.


DEC 96/BD/12/2016

The Board of Directors approves the list of graduands for the 13th Graduation Ceremony in Kigali Campus and the 11th Graduation Ceremony in Gisenyi Campus.


DEC 97/BD/12/2016

The Board of Directors approves the ULK 2015-2016 Annual Report.


DEC 98/BD/12/2016

The Board of Directors approves the Academic Progress of the year 2016-2017.


DEC 99/BD/12/2016

The Board of Directors commends the university and its management for the good ranking of the university, as showed into various reports and for the efforts made for foreign students’ recruitments as well as for MOUs signed with different partners.


DEC 01/BD/12/2016

The Board of Directors recommends the university to strengthen cooperation areas for a better improving of its teaching, learning and research activities.





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