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ULK Board of Directors sits

This Thursday the14th January 2012, the board of directors of Kigali Independent University has met presided over by Prof.Dr. RWANYINDO R. Pierre the Chairperson of the board.

Present to the meeting were:

  1. Prof.Dr. RWANYINDO R. Pierre ,Chair person
  2. Prof.Dr. KALISA MBANDA; Vice Chair person
  3. Dr. SEKIBIBI Ezechiel; Reporter
  4. Prof. SHYAKA Anastase;
  5. Dr.MUSABE Joyce;
  6. Dr.CYEZE Emmanuel;
  7. Dr. Kasai NDAHIRIWE;
  8. Mr. Okoko Osambo
  9. Mr. KARARA Alexis
  10. RWIRASIRA Eugene
  11. Mr. HABIMANA Gabriel;
  12. Mr. RUHARA Charles;
  13. Mrs. NIKORE Sandrine;
  14. Mrs. JURU M. Chantal;
  15. MURWANASHYAKA Janvier Zoulou;
  16. Mrs. MUREBWAYIRE MALAKIYA Liberathe;
  17. Mr. MUGENZI Elie

The meeting agenda was fixed as follows:

  1. Approval of the minutes and follow up of decisions and recommendations taken during the previous meeting held on December 12, 2012;
  2. Annual Report 2011-2012;
  3. Approval of graduands list for Kigali and Gisenyi graduation
  4. Progress of the Academic Activities 2012-2013;
  5. Research Policy;
  6. Approval of new elected Deans and Heads of Departments;
  7. Recruitment of Lecturers;
  8. AOB.

Resolutions ad recommendations (still to come)


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