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Today 14th September 2017, three presenters namely; NZAJYIBWAMI Eliphaz, GASIMBA François Xavier and Dr. NZABONIMPA Jacques briefed ULK students on wedding ceremonies. The event that had attracted a stream of students and staff as well as members of the media was held in one of the halls of the university.
The presenters spoke in turns with Nzajyibwami breaking the ice while Gasimba seconded him and Dr. Nzabonimpa wound up the talk.
In his presentation, Nzayibwami focused on the traditional wedding in Rwanda. While shedding more light on this, he underscored the impact of the ancient Rwandan weddings on the newly married couples. He said that long ago, Rwandans could not marry anyhow. They had to pass through a number of steps such as dating, looking for a go-between, asking for the girl’s hand for marriage, wedding day, cultural rituals, to mention but a few. As he reiterated, passing through a number of steps could enable the couple to enjoy a happy post marriage life.
“ Unlike today where someone meets a girl and marries her the following day, ancient marriages could pass through various steps to ensure that their matrimonial life could thrive”, he told the eager audience.
Supplementing what Nzajyibwami had said, Gasimba drew the comparison between ancient weddings and the modern ones. As he expounded, nowadays people disregard a lot of cultural rituals pertaining to weddings and such a trivialization brings about the collapse of many families after tying the knot. He also criticized some malpractices that take place in today’s weddings whereby you find organizers of weddings distorting the culture by borrowing some cultures beyond the borders of Rwanda, something he said, should be avoided if really the real Rwandan wedding ceremonies are to be upheld.

“Nowadays, people don’t dignify weddings. You will for example find moderators of some weddings inserting in the ceremony unnecessary words such as aping the way some personalities speak just for the sake of putting smiles on participants’ lips. This isn’t culture bound”, he said.
The third presenter, Dr. Nzabonimpa strongly criticized those who tend to organize weddings by emulating what other people did in their weddings yet having limited financial means. He cautioned that failure to organize weddings according to the couple’s means is one of the factors that make most of today’s families to be short-lived. He thus advised the students to avoid extravagance and spend wisely once their time to get married comes because the post-wedding life requires some financial means to better live happily together as a couple.
“People today tend to copy from weddings held previously without taking into consideration the financial means at their disposal. You should organize weddings according to your financial muscles if you really wish to have strong and long-lasting families”, he advised the youthful audience.
Since Mutangana Steven, the Director of Culture in the Ministry of Sports and Culture, was one of the attendees, he was given the floor to echo his comments and appreciated the way ULK students massively attended the function and he urged them to conduct studies on wedding ceremonies in Rwanda when the time to write their academic dissertations comes.

When the event moderator announced time for questions and comments, a mammoth crowd jostled for asking and owing to time constraint, a number of questions were received and answered to everyone’s delight.
Everything considered, Dr. Karambizi Sylvèstre, who was representing ULK at the function, took the floor to express his satisfaction vis-à-vis the message delivered by the three presenters. He also added that ULK is a university whose students understand the Rwandan culture and ethical values since there is a course on “Ethics and Rwandan Culture” taught by the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA BALINDA in which he urges learners to know the culture of Rwanda and live ethical lives by doing what is right at the right time because science without morality is nothing.



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