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ULK Celebrate its 11th Graduation Ceremony Conferring 571 Masters’ and 2054 Bachelors’ Degrees

Dressing for the occasion with sunshine on everyone’s face, ULK graduates , Lecturers, Authorities and invitees joined on Friday 12th December 2014 to celebrate the colorful day, as Kigali Independent University ULK marks its 11th graduation ceremony. The university has awarded Masters’ Degree for the first time ever to 571 Postgraduates. 2054 Bachelors’ Degrees were granted on this day as well, what make ULK to pass out 22748 graduates in only 18 years of service. A good contribution towards the realization of the vision 2020 which projects at building an education-based economy through development of human resources.


This ceremony was officially declared open by the Chancellor of ULK Prof. Dr KALISA MBANDA. The Presence of The Founder of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA and Madam Mrs. NYIRASHYIRAMBERE M. Louise, the Vice Chancellor Dr SEKIBIBI Ezekiel, Members of Senior Management, Board of Directors and other authorities graced the ceremony. The blissful event was witnessed by the presence of Government Officials, Senators, Deputies; Managers of private and public partners of ULK institutions namely ICPAR, I&M , Airtel, MTN to name just a few. To celebrate this milestone of achievements, sequences of speeches were articulated in messages of praise, encouragement and thanksgiving to God the Almighty Achiever and Sustainer of true success.






Addressing the congregation, the Vice Chancellor Dr SEKIBIBI Ezekiel saluted the courage and commitment of graduates which has brought about success though he recalled the fact that education is lifelong. The Vice Chancellor remarked that ULK graduates standout on the job market with excellence as employees or self-employed in different economic sectors. In Rwanda ULK students are found at all levels such as Justice sector, Financial institutions where they hold good positions and perform well and other run their own business thanks to the skills and knowledge earned from ULK. The Vice Chancellor also expounded on the achievements of the university along the academic year 2013-2014 in terms of teaching, research and service to the community.

Delivering his speech full of bits of wisdom, The Founder of ULK Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA congratulated the graduates and praised their hard work and commitment.

The bit of wisdom shared from the message of the Founder of ULK urge graduates to be responsible citizens, good servants for the common cause and living ethical values guided by the following principles:

  1. To have faith in God, in the country and in the project they undertake to do;
  2. Having positive thoughts to overcome fear and challenges facing them as entrepreneurs;
  3. Living ethical values
  4. Providing quality service and

The Founder blessed the graduates for their future career dreams as not only employees but also entrepreneurs. Best students were rewarded to promote excellence.


ULK has gone extra mile in terms of contributing to the complete development of the country in terms of job creation, poverty reduction, developing human resources and social rehabilitation promoting ethical values and positive living. Currently, it hires more than 700 full time employees, more than 450 part time employees; it registers 10,058 students at undergraduate level and 1230 students at postgraduates level.


ULK is passing out 22748 graduates after the graduation at GISENYI CAMPUS on 23rd December 2014. The graduates at undergraduate level today are 2054 conferred Bachelor’s Degrees with awards in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Computer Science, Law, International Relations, Development Studies. The graduate at postgraduate totals 571 conferred Master’s Degrees in Accounting;Finance; Science in Economics; International Economics and Business Law; Public International Law; Development Studies; Business Administration; Internet Systems.



Students could not help hiding their joy


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