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Gisozi May 2, 2015, ULK community and people from different walks of life come to commemorate the genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994. The commemoration day was introduced by a walk to remember from the University to Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre at Gisozi, thereafter the function was held at ULK stadium in the evening. At the Centre, ULK authorities paid a tribute to those who were killed during the genocide by laying wreaths of flowers on the graves where genocide victims were laid to rest. This ceremony was conducted by Dr. Karambizi Sylvestre, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Postgraduate studies, Research and Consultancy.

The night of commemoration was introduced by a word of prayer as well as the reading of some portions of scriptures by Muvunyi Emile. He asked people to have faith increased and use that same faith to comfort others. He thanked God for his protection during the genocide and acknowledged the efforts made by Rwandan leaders to have brought our country thus far.

In his welcoming speech, during the night of commemoration at ULK stadium, Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel echoed back the statement said by the President of Rwanda, His Excellency Paul Kagame. He said, “We cannot turn back the clock back nor can we undo the harm caused, but we have the power to determine and to ensure that what happened never happens again”.
He quoted the above statement in order to encourage all people in general and survivors in particular. He called upon each and everyone to commemorate the genocide and take the responsibility to comfort survivors of the genocide.

Also, he took that opportunity to recognize the presence of guests namely Executive secretary of Gisozi sector, AERG ULK coordinator, AERG National Coordinator Representative, FARG representative, Army and Police staff, Major General Jack Nziza, Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda and the Guest of Honor was Minister of Sports and Culture, Hon. UWACU Julienne.

In the commemoration evening, various people including AERG ULK Coordinator and national coordinator of AERG delivered speeches of hope. Different plays and songs of hope were performed by AERG ULK students and others from some schools in Kigali.


In his speech, Major General Jack Nziza gave a short historical background to the preparation of the genocide and how it was stopped. He said that the plan to exterminate Tutsi was conceived long before since 1959, however the implementation was not easy because Rwandans were still united. He said that when UN Peace keeping army withdrew and left Tutsi, the very people they were supposed to protect, they left them in the hands killers. In this regard, RPF army left no stone unturned to make sure all barbaric and primitive killings which were being committed were ended.
“The enemy, though defeated, always seeks to cause more harm. Therefore, we shall neither bow nor accept that what happened happens again, but we shall rather make our country united by all means”.
“This act of remembrance of the genocide should not pass unnoticed because we should remember more when we achieve more”. He added.

He said that our country has made tremendous achievements in all aspects of life since the time genocide was stopped. So, as we commemorate the genocide, we must safeguard those achievements by all means.

He emphasized that all this is the result of the sacrifice of Rwandan leadership. This sacrifice never happened elsewhere in the world. Therefore, it is our chance to take advantage of opportunities available thanks to good leadership.
The only way we can please our beloved ones who were killed is by the means of increase of economic empowerment, intellectual capabilities and high moral values.
We should be conscious of the fact that those who committed the genocide did not rest because many deny genocide.
Let us join our efforts to fight that denial with the unity of purpose and make a new Rwanda.



Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda witnessed the event. He said that commemoration day is a day whereby the light of hope is lit as a symbol of hope. “Hope is a virtue by which we get internal force enabling us to achieve many things in life”. He said.
Founder and President of ULK went on to say that that hope is a result of faith in God and country’s leadership.
He also said that it was worth living ethical values on a daily basis. Those values include patience, tolerance, integrity, harmony and when someone such values will not revenge.


“Don’t accept to be prisoners of the past but rather have positive thoughts with which you will be able to stand the challenges of life.
Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda expressed his vote of thanks to the president of the Republic of Rwanda, His Excellency Paul Kagame to have led the battle to liberate the country. He also thanked Rwandan Police and army. He called everyone to contribute to the reconstruction of the nation towards better Rwanda.
The Guest of Honor, Minister of Sports and Culture asked that we should not relax because genocide perpetrators are not happy for the progress and all the tremendous changes that our country has made thus far.

“We don’t come together as a routine but we have a responsibility to give value to our beloved ones and to make sure that the genocide does not happen again”.
“We were privileged to have those who stopped the genocide and restored hope and dignity to us. We are in a country where people enjoy rights they deserve.” All of us should strive to fight against anything which would break the unity of Rwandans.” Minister said.
The minister thanked ULK for its contribution to the construction of the country by imparting not only science but also conscience.




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