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Today 19th January, 2017 ULK community was overjoyed as a result of the presence of a delegation made of Lt Col Gerard NYIRIMANZI who was together with three staff members from CHENO (Chancellery for Heroes, National Orders and Decorations of Honour ). Their presence at the campus aimed at raising people’s awareness on heroism so as to know heroism inside out. Indeed, it was in the framework of getting ready for the National Heroes’ Day due on 1st February, 2017.

ulk community briefed heroism

Their talk centered on this year’s theme which goes:” Heroism is about making choices that fit us”.

ulk community briefed heroism

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, thanked the visitors and underscored that those who never take part in important discussions cannot play a pivotal role in building the country in the days ahead.

“If you can’t dedicate your time to such important events like this one on heroism, you can’t become an important person in life”, he told the audience.

Shortly after being welcomed, Mr. Déo NKUSI, Executive Secretary of CHENO took the floor to throw some light on what heroism is all about. In his statement, he centered on the 9 values a true hero should uphold. Those values include among others sacrifice, patriotism, and vigilance.

Supplementing NKUSI, Lt Col Gerard NYIRIMANZI pointed out that heroism in Rwanda is not something that is still in its embryonic stage because it goes back to ancient civilizations in Rwanda where Rwandans had to determine heroes basing on the number of enemies a given fighter would have killed on the battlefield.

ulk community briefed heroism

“ Our founding fathers had a culture of striving for heroism, and those who could kill 7 enemies would be given a decoration known as UMUDENDE, while he who could kill 14 would be given a bracelet known as IMPOTORE which was put on his right arm, and the exceptional warrior who could kill 21 enemies would push the monarchy to organize a party in which the warrior’s spear was to be burnt a sign of recognizing his outstanding deeds on the battlefield, and it meant that the fighter could solely go to the battlefield upon his own volition”, he told the participants.

He went further to disclose that the culture is the stepping stone towards economic progress. At this point, he gave the example of Chinese and Japanese people who have upheld and valued their cultures and they are now at a level envied by many.  Besides, he stressed that Rwandans are now striving to become heroes by uplifting themselves and the country economically.

It was also revealed that the week dedicated to heroism will climax in a football match in which two archrivals, APR and Rayon Sports will lock horns.

What was noticed is that the speakers ended their talk while the audience was still yearning for more.

ulk community briefed heroism

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