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As our country is fixing to mark the 22nd National Heroes Day, ULK received government officials who came to address its community about the Heroes Day due to take place on Monday February 1, 2016. The presentations were delivered by two speakers namely, Dr Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Ndahiro, General Director of Kanombe Military Hospital and Mr. Rwaka Nicolas, Director of Research at CHENO on Friday January 29th , 2016.

In his presentation, Nicolas emphasized that heroism is not a concept of recent in Rwanda. Rwandans have always been characterized by acts of heroism since the very time the country started to be called Rwanda.
He said that heroism values were discouraged among Rwandans upon the arrival of colonizers who brought hatred and disunity and this led to genocide. He further explained different categories according to CHENO. Those categories include Imanzi, Ingenzi and Imena and talked about the heroism showed by people in each and every category.

He called ULK community to think of acts of heroism beneficial to the nation. For this year, CHENO organized various activities which he asked participants to take part in and were asked to visit Heroes Museum so that they can be explained about the life of Rwandan heroes.

Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Ndahiro told ULK community that heroism is acquired as any other value in a given culture. He went on to say that colonizers came and abolished Rwandan values and taboos which were a real foundation of heroism. He emphasized that heroism is not bought but fought for because of the love people have for their countries.

Dr. Okoko Osambo, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics at ULK expressed his vote of thanks to the speakers for having sacrificed their time to come and speak to ULK community. He also asked ULK students and staff to take advantage of those pieces of advice from the speakers.

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