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Today, 23rd March 2017, ULK community proved to be ready for the upcoming presidential elections due to take place here in Rwanda on 4th August, 2017. This was revealed in an interaction with two officials from the electoral commission in Kigali City, namely, IRAMBONA Liberathe and GAKWISI Léonidas. The former is the coordinator of electoral activities in Kigali City while the latter is the Chairperson of Electoral Commission in GASABO District. Both of them had come to equip the entire ULK community with information on the forthcoming elections.

ULK VC Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel opening the event

In his welcome note, Dr. Ezechiel SEKIBIBI, Vice Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK, expressed his gratitude towards both speakers for having chosen ULK for sharing electoral information. He thereafter handed the microphone to Ms IRAMBONA Liberathe to deliver her message.

IRAMBONA’s message centered on the upcoming presidential elections slated in August this year. She underscored that the decision to come to Kigali Independent University ULK is not a result of random but it was due to a number of reasons. As she said, one of the reasons that pushed them to choose ULK is the stainless credibility of ULK community. She added that since the majority of ULK community is made up of the youth, it was a good opportunity to address young people who are the drivers of the life that lies ahead.

Madam Liberathe disclosing her message

“Sincerely speaking, your university is positively reputed; and it is this reputation that stimulated us to come here. Besides, we have been to many places but this is our first time to find such a mammoth crowd in a big hall like this. The room is full to its capacity and this is something to salute, she praised the attendees.

“You are still young and more than 56% of the Rwandan population is made of the youth. Thus, you should bear in mind that the future of this country lies in your hands. It is therefore another reason that has pushed us to choose your university as a place where young people study and we believe you will massively cast your ballots when the due time comes”, she added.

IRAMBONA reminded the youthful community of ULK that they are the ones to determine the future of Rwanda through elections. She urged them to get ready for elections and be ready to vote for the right person who will keep propelling the economic growth of the nation and the one who will be pro-people.

“Considering the current life expectancy in Rwanda, you are the ones who still have many years to live. This means that the future mayors, MPs, ministers, ambassadors, etc. are among young people. Therefore, you must get ready to vote for the person who will do all it takes to make you enjoy decent lives and make your dreams materialize”, she advised them.


Supplementing Ms IRAMBONA, Mr. GAKWISI Léonidas, made it clear that elections and democracy fall in the same basket. People go for polls because they want to give meaning to their democratic ideals. It is in this respect that GAKWISI borrowed a leaf from what Abraham Lincoln said and explained democracy as the government of the people by the people and for the people. He also threw some light on things such as the requirements for one to contest for presidential elections, how to check one’s status on voter list, how to transfer oneself to another polling station, to mention but a few.

It is a question answer session that marked the end of the function.

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