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ULK crowned the 1st Development Partner in Gasabo

Kigali Independent University ULK outstands as the first development partner and exhibitor in Gasabo District Saturday the 21st September 2013 during the closing ceremony of the Gasabo District open Day. A golden trophy was awarded together with a certificate of outstanding partnership to mark the triumph.
The exhibition was scheduled from 19th September 2013 to 21st September 2013.

You might need to share about the factors underlying this victory. As disclosed by the mayor of Gasabo District Mr. Willy NDIZEYE with the supplement form the president of JADF the evaluation committee based their assessment on the creativity in Display, the visibility of the achievements and product from the exposure within the stand, the warm hospitality of exhibitors, the number of visitors as well as the responsiveness of the partners’ services to the community.
Three exhibitors were awarded, ULK as the first among private sector, Kibagabaga Hospital emerged the first among public institutions and TIGO.


The JADF (Joint Action For Development Partners) exhibition was organized in a bid to create synergy among exhibitor for the sake of reinforcing the culture of best practices sharing among partners namely the private sector, international NGOs, Local NGOs, Public institutions and cooperatives. According to different stakeholders the open day provides great opportunity for exhibiting their products and inputs towards the development of the district; exchanging information and experience, enhancing collaboration and avoiding duplication or possible interference.

It goes without saying that Gasabo JADF has run its open day for the third time while JADF has run for fourteen years at the national level now and is a relatively well recognized development tool. Today, each of the 30 districts of Rwanda has its own JADF.

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