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On 28th June 2019, the entire ULK community was in a frenzy after their Debate Team had won the EPRN Inter-University Debate Championship organized by EPRN in conjunction with Aspire Debate Rwanda. It was a competition that had brought together different universities operating in Rwanda. After the preliminary and semi-final stages, two teams, namely Kigali Independent University Debate Club and Mount Kenya Debate Club made it to the finals.

Debating on the ULK side were NISHIMWE Ariane Douce, SHYAKA Jesse Rayson, and KABANDA Erica.

At the final stage, the two teams were given a motion which goes, “This House believes that the Benefits of AfCFTA Outweigh the Costs.” Like any other professional debate competition proceeds, a free toss was made to determine the proposition and opposition side. This saw ULK Debate Club opposing the motion while Mount Kenya Debate Club proposed it.

In a World Schools Debate Format, every debater was given five minutes to address the house with the reply speech from either side lasting for two minutes.

Although Mount Kenya Debaters were the favorites as people who were proposing an initiative of African countries, they lavished their chances through failure to provide convincing facts and sometimes contradicting themselves. Upon realizing this, ULK Debaters attacked from the weaknesses of their opponents to thrash them before being crowned the champions.

David Niyonsaba who was representing EPRN at the competition thanked all the universities which took part in the competition and told everyone that what matters in debate competitions is not the win over an opponent but instead it is the lessons participants learn. He also thanked the management of Kigali Independent University ULK for having accepted to host the competition.

“I’d like to thank you all for having honored our invitation to take part in this competition. In the same perspective, I’d like to thank the management of Kigali Independent University for having accepted to host this event. We’ve enjoyed a wonderful reception and we’d love to keep cooperating with this great academic institution”, he told the participants.

“Before becoming a debate judge, I was also a debater like you debating for my university. Whenever I went to debate, I always had in mind that lessons learned outweighed the win. Therefore, whenever you go for a competition, you should be proud of the lessons you learn from it other than the win over your opponent”, he added.


Speaking on behalf of Kigali Independent University ULK, Mr. Jean Baptiste Manirakiza, the Director of the Language Center, thanked the organizers and participating universities for bringing the great competition at ULK. He also pledged that ULK will continue to cordially work with other academic institutions for mutual benefits.

“On behalf of the management of this university, I’d like to thank EPRN and ADR for having entrusted confidence in us to host this great competition. Similarly, I’d like to thank the participating universities for their time spent at our institution as this a testament that our relationship with them is cordial and we will maintain this relationship for mutual benefits”, he said.

It should be noted that the last three teams were awarded cash prizes.


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