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Yesterday, 7th December 2016, ULK Deputy Legal Representative and Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration and Finance, accompanied by ULK Vice Chancellor, made it to ULK/Gisenyi Campus where she met with the students. As a matter of fact, the students, especially freshers, were excited to meet with the spouse of the Founder and President of ULK. This is true of any case since it is said that behind a successful man is a wise woman. That being considered, they were indeed eager to hear from the woman who contributes to the success of the Owner of ULK.

As it is customary within ULK, the function kickstarted with a prayer  from the  Vice Chancellor. It followed that he gave his address which mainly focused on getting the students to know more about how well ULK is appreciated among many other institutions of higher learning operating across the country.

“Beloved students gathered in here on this special occasion, I’m pleased to let you know that last year ULK was ranked second among over thirty institutions of higher learning of Rwanda. UR, which combines several campuses, topped the ladder. Anyway,  I do believe that with your contribution we shall number one next ranking (…)”, he enthusiastically told the gathering.

ULK VC at Gisenyi Campus

Speaking on the occasion, the Deputy Legal Representative, who was the guest of honour, thanked the students for having chosen ULK. Still there, she expressed special thanks to international students, particularly those from the DRC, for having joined ULK. To this, she assured them that ULK is determined to do all it always satisfies them in all ways.

“Je voudrais vous remercier pour avoir choisi l’ULK. D’une manière particuliere, je remercie du fond de mon cœur les etudiants internationaux, surtout ceux qui nous sont venus du Congo, pays voisin du Rwanda. C’est vrai qu’il y a beaucoup d’universites chez vous. Vue la confiance que vous avez placee en notre universite, je vous promets que nous ferrons tout ce que nous pouvons pour que vous ne soyez decus en aucun cas», she was quoted speaking.

Before concluding her high-lighted remarks, the Deputy Legal Representative told the gathering that the presence of international students from Congo is of paramount importance in the sense that  it will, in a way or another, contribute to reinforcing unity between Rwanda and Congo. This note was received with a big applause from the gathering.


As he gave his closing remarks, Prof. Dr MUNYASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, urged the students to work hard without respite, bearing in mind that education is the key to development. It is on this exhortation note that he brought the function to close.

ULK Gisenyi Dr CYEZE Emmanuel

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