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On 17th February 2020, the Founder and President of ULK, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, addressed the entire community of ULK on quality whereby he reminded them that quality service delivery is a must.

The message by this high profile university official came after some students decried poor services rendered to them especially when it comes to withdrawing some academic documents. As the Founder and President said, the institution is built on ethical values and it cannot tolerate whoever renders bad services to service seekers.

“Our values can’t allow us to tolerate whoever gives poor services. In a seminar convened recently, we reminded our staff members that tolerance is zero to those serving the institution poorly and we have started walking the talk”, he told the participants.

“To effectively render you good services, we have registered our staff members with each of them handed a badge number for you to easily tell who underserved you and report them promptly for appropriate measures to be taken”, he added.

The Founder and President went further to tell the students that they are the ones to give the management of the university a tipoff of where bad service is being rendered so that the employee behind the poor service may be corrected accordingly.

“We need your involvement in this serious issue. Singlehandedly we can’t tell where bad services are being given. If you find someone rendering bad services, give us a call or text us. All you need is simply mentioning the number on the employee’s badge and we will deal with him accordingly”, he told the students who welcomed the move with thunderous clapping.

He also reminded the students that Kigali Independent University ULK always tops the ladder in the ranking of private higher learning institutions in Rwanda and that with such a positive reputation the institution cannot tolerate those tarnishing its good image.

“This institution of ours always ranks the best private university in Rwanda. Therefore, we can’t allow people to tarnish this good image through poor service delivery. We will always show poor service deliverers the exit so as to pave the way for those who can serve the institution satisfactorily”, he stressed.

Towards the end of his message, he reminded the students that the secret for academic success lies in how regularly they attend class, the regular personal and group study they conduct, the mastery of ICT and English skills, the endowment of ethical values, to mention but a few.

It should be noted that the message was given to both day and evening students.

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