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In a meeting with staff and students held on 23rd April 2018, the Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda, stressed that only English language must be used on the campus.




“Our country belongs to a number of English speaking blocs, and to be able to communicate and benefit from the opportunities in those blocs, we need to have a good command of English. You must therefore speak English be it in class or outside so as to be competitive in this world”, he told the participants.

The Founder and President also reminded the students that the government of Rwanda through its Ministry of Education has resolved that no student shall be allowed to graduate before he/she successfully passes the National English Test.

“Besides, English language is the medium of instruction not only at our university but also countrywide. You should therefore work hard and know it since there will be a National English Test which will determine whether one is to graduate or not. Whoever fails the test will not be allowed to graduate”, the Founder told the students.

The Founder and President pledged to add more support to the already existing English Club so that it may effectively help the students to register tremendous strides in the language of William Shakespeare.

“I’ve requested Mr. Jean Baptiste MANIRAKIZA, the Director of CELA, to work on the list of needs which will help to boost the English Club and enable our students to tremendously improve their communication skills in English”, he said.

In a bid to show how serious the call for solely using English is, Prof. RWIGAMBA Balinda forbade all ULK lecturers not to articulate any single word of Kinyarwanda or Swahili or any other language which is not English while teaching.

“It’s strictly forbidden for lecturers to use any other language apart from English while teaching. The management in charge of academics should follow this issue up to make sure everyone is heeding this instruction, and this must take immediate effect”, he strongly cautioned.

It should be noted that the message by the Founder and President was given to both Day Section students and Evening Section students. It is indeed expected to be given to those in the Weekend Program.

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