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In a glamorous event held on 23rd December 2015, ULK Gisenyi Campus marked its 10th graduation ceremony in which 626 graduands were awarded degrees in the fields of Accounting, Finance, Rural Development, Development Studies and Law. Indeed, people from all walks of life had come to grace the event.

Some of the high profile dignitaries at the function worth mentioning are: Prof.Dr Rwigamba Balinda and Madam, Prof. Dr. Kalisa Mbanda, ULK Chancellor, Dr. Sekibibi Ezechiel, ULK Vice Chancellor, ULK Deputy Vice Chancellors(all), Colonel Kayumba Alexis, local administrators, church leaders, to mention but a few. It is something worthwhile to inform that deans were requested by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, to read out graduands’ names for the conferment of their degrees.

Inviting heavenly angels to the function

In a bid to smoothly kick-start the ceremony and ensure a good running of the activities, the servant of God, Mrs NYIRASHYIRAMBERE Marie Louise was called forward to dedicate the agenda of the event to the Almighty God.
Shortly after her prayer, it was time for the opening remarks by the university chancellor, Prof. Dr Kalisa Mbanda who thanked the graduands and their parents for having worked closely and hard to scoop a Bachelor’s Degree.

Remarks by ULK Chancellor

In the same angle, the university chancellor wholeheartedly thanked the founder and madam for their outstanding project that has so far enabled many Rwandans and foreigners to own university degrees. Thereafter, he officially declared the graduation ceremony open.

Remarks by Vice Chancellor

Speaking at the function, Dr Sekibibi Ezechiel, Deputy Vice Chancellor, gave statistics about ULK’s output in terms of graduates and expounded that a big number of public servants are the products of Kigali Independent University. He also reminded that ULK students usually take part in various competitions both local and international whereby winning prizes has become a simple game for them. As a typical example, he pointed out a debate competition held in Kenya in 2013 which was won by ULK students. He therefore requested the graduands and continuing students to always trust their minds so as to be able to serve the world in the days ahead.

Founder and president of ULK tipping graduands

Another key speaker at the event was Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda whose talk pushed all participants to be all ears. This was due to the fact that he spoke not to make a speech but to inspire and advise them on a number of issues. While briefing graduands, he tipped them on how to be successful in life and some of his tips are worth recalling: Having faith in God, Knowing one’s mission on earth, having positive thoughts, being strictly punctual, working hard, joining hands in cooperatives, to mention but a few. Owing to how the points he shared with those at the function touched their hearts, the end of his talk attracted a thunderous clap.

Graduands representative disclosing their joy

Since the presence of graduands serves as a pillar of any graduation ceremony, the representative of graduands, Katembo Lughendo Vedrine, made it to the podium to disclose what was on their hearts. In his speech, he reiterated that the university equipped them with invaluable knowledge and skills that will enable them to stand firm and confident on the marketplace. As he said, their option number one is to create jobs so as to enable many Rwandans to put food on table.

Furthermore, Mr. Katembo thanked all those who selflessly gave them a hand along their academic journey; but most importantly, he thanked the founder and madam for having put in place a university that has, since its inception, been sharpening the minds of people.

Best students being awarded

Good to say, the students who performed exceptionally in their studies were handed different types of awards as a sign of motivating their young brothers and sisters to also strive for outstanding academic achievements.
All is well that ends well. When all key speakers had spoken the university chancellor went closer to the microphone and disclosed the congregation.

Beams of smile on graduands' lips

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