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The culture of debating has already been part of ULK students’ lives. They no longer find debating something strange. It is in this framework that on Monday, 17th 2014 ULK Gisenyi Campus students hosted their RTUC counterparts in a concerted debate competition organized by Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) with a view to give meaning to its good governance month. The motion to debate on goes, “THIS HOUSE BELIEVES THAT GOOD GOVERNANCE SHOULD PREVAIL OVER ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT”.
For impartiality sake, RGB judges made both parties draw lots. Everything considered, ULK students picked the one against the motion whereas RTUC students picked the one for the motion.
Since ULK considers God as its top manager, the function was opened with a word of prayer led by the Dean of students, Marcel RWABUTOGO. Thereafter the floor was given to the Vice Rector Academics, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel to welcome participants and introduce visitors to the audience.
He urged students to be interested in debates since the latter prepare someone to develop their critical or analytical thinking.
Shortly after the welcome note, one of RGB representatives made it forward to throw some light on the historical background of such debates. He said that RGB prepares topics of such a nature to see how open students are in terms of good governance. This representative was seconded by his colleague who clarified some instructions pertaining to the debate before debaters could exchange controversial ideas.
To make it clear, there were three debaters on each side. ULK GISENYI Campus was represented by two gentlemen and one lady, and this was the same case for their opponents.
When every debater had already spoken, judges got aside to deliberate. Before disclosing the results, the chief judge announced debaters’ ranking according to their performance. The first three best speakers emerged from ULK with MUKANDI Vandric, ULK, in first position. RTUC students came fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.
It followed that the chief judge announced the winner. To the audience’s expectation and satisfaction, the motion was lost, i.e, ULK students won.
Having won, ULK Gisenyi students are to face either IPRC West or UR College of Medicine and Health Sciences (KARONGI). The contest is scheduled on 21st March, 2014 in Karongi.
Good to say, both debaters and audience proved to be highly disciplined from the very beginning up to end.

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