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Friday 17th May 2019, a group of students from Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus organized, under the lead of the Campus Management, a conference on a theme dubbed, “The importance of reading across the university path.”

As a matter of fact, the conference aimed at awakening the students to develop a reading habit. Over five hundred students were in attendance to hear from knowledgeable speakers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as well as those from Rwanda.

Taking the floor in the first instance, Mr. David KALENDA, a professional communicator and Director of Radio POLE FM broadcasting from Goma, elaborated on the importance of daily reading and eventually urged the participants to invest in buying books since these ones directly connect them to knowledge.

 “Reading is of paramount importance for anyone and especially students. It is a source of knowledge. If you want to grow into knowledgeable people, invest in buying books and read them on a daily basis”, he told the gathering.

In his presentation, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, Coordinator of ULK/Gisenyi Campus highlighted the importance of a physical library which seems to be ignored nowadays, yet it remains the most reliable source of information.

“It goes without saying that nowadays’ young people undermine the importance of a physical library, yet it remains the source of veracity of information. Our university has, besides a digital library, put in place a well equipped physical library in your favour. Sad to say, many of you hardly visit the physical library to read books. I urge you to maximize its utility (…)”, he said.

Speaking on the occasion, poet BUKASA revealed the gain from reading by sharing his own personal experience. He elaborated on the impact of reading on the life of any scientist stating that he has been given various awards and opportunities to travel across the world thanks to reading.

“I am a litterature icon as a result of reading books. I am a lover of books, literature as well as African Literature. Thanks to my good reading habits, I happened to win various awards and opportunities to visit different countries across the world. I urge you people to follow in my footsteps”, he enthusiastically told the gathering.

To wind up the presentation, Brother Alexis HATEKEKIMANA, Managing Director of “Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle”/Rubavu told the gathering that reading will help them become good leaders.

“Reading books is of great help for you, especially those who have a burning ambition to embark on the leadership of our country in the future. Indeed, a daily reading will help you become informed people, and that will positively impact on your communities”, he was quoted saying.

Everything considered, the students pledged to maximize the utility of reading facilities that the university has availed for them. That being said, the conference was brought to close.

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