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It was Friday, 14th March 2014 when people from all walks of life gathered within the premises of ULK Gisenyi Campus to chant for graduands as they were awarded bachelor’s degrees in various fields of specialization.
The guest of honor in this ceremony was ULK Founder and Owner, Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA BALINDA. There were some other dignitaries who had come to grace the function. They include ULK Chancellor, Rector and Vice-Rectors, Representatives of local Higher Institutions of learning and their Congolese counterparts, army and police representatives, to mention but a few.
To mark the starting, the floor was given to the Deputy Legal Representative of ULK, commonly known as Mama VRAF, to lead participants in a word of prayer. Thereafter the Chancellor, KALISA MBANDA, was given the floor to officially declare the event open.
In his opening remarks he said, “ULK has made great strides forward since its inception”
When the opening remarks came to an end, Juvenal NSENGIYUMVA, who was the function Emcee, called upon ULK Rector to have a say. Borrowing a leaf from the realities on employment statistics countrywide, he echoed that ULK graduates are ranked top employees all over the country.
“As far as statistics are concerned, ULK graduates occupy the highest rate among employed people around the country”, he emphatically said.
Shortly after the Rector’s remarks, it was now time to listen to the speech of the day. The one made by the founder and owner of ULK. In his speech, he urged graduands to strive for job creation instead of job seeking.
“True academicians are those who create jobs and employ other members of the human family to work in their enterprises. You should not therefore wait for someone else to hire you. Conversely, use the skills acquired from class to start up businesses for the benefit of the public at large”, he told them.
He later on equipped graduands with hints that will enable them to meet their job creating dreams. The first hint, as he said, is faith. He argued that graduands should be faithful in God, their country, the project at hand and in themselves if they are to meet the anticipations of their projects.
The second hint he mentioned is abiding by moral values. At this point, he stressed that values like integrity, humility, hard-work, commitment, etc. should be key tools to propel the projects.
The third hint he uttered is positive thinking. At this level he reminded graduands that they have to think optimistically no matter the bottlenecks encountered towards the implementation of their projects.
The last but not the least hint he disclosed is creation of cooperatives. He urged graduands to abide by team-spirit and create cooperative so as to stimulate banks to grant them loans in what is known as solidarity caution.
The founder did not forget to urge graduands and participants to wholeheartedly join government programs like Hanga umurimo and Ndi Umunyarwanda because, as he put it forth, with such programs the future is promising.
The next activity to take place was the conferment of degrees by ULK Chancellor.
This exercise was smoothly carried out and 638 graduands were declared holders of bachelor’s degrees in their respective fields of specialization.
At the end of this exercise, students who emerged outstanding in their academic assignments were rewarded.
To reveal their satisfaction, graduands delegated one of them to express their undeniable joy. In her speech, the representative of graduands said, “we are ready to use the skills acquired from class to improve the living conditions of people especially Rwandans”. She also thanked ULK administration and staff for their efforts to transform Rwandan children’s minds for a better future.
As soon as she concluded her speech, the ceremony was officially declared closed.

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