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Yesterday the 24th day of May 2016, ULK/Gisenyi Campus made it to Nengo Stadium to witness the interclass football match competition final. Third Year’s Team locked horns with Fourth Year’s Team. The theme behind this exercise was dubbed, “Twibuke urubyiruko rwazize jenocide yakorewe abatutsi,” loosely translated as “Let us remember the youth victims of the genocide against the Tutsi”.

Dean of students briefing the players

Before getting the ball rolling, the dean of students, Mr. MUPENZI Nsengiyumva thanked the players for having qualified for the final and thereafter he begged them to play it fairly.

Both teams locking horns

Anyone could tell; the match was unique and one of the kind. Indeed, both teams thrilled the people in attendance. The second half came to an end while the score was still nil for either side. This gave room to penalty shoot-outs. To its delight, Fourth Year’s Team eventually got victorious over Third Year’s Team. The former won by 3 scores and the latter lost by 1 score. Needless to say, after the last bell had rung the unfortunate team members shouted in comfort, “Though we’re the losers today, we’ll hopefully meet you again while pursuing postgraduate studies together at the same campus next year (…).”

Guest of honor handing the trophy to the winning team

It followed that the guest of honor Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics proceeded with handing the trophy to the winning team. In his remarks, he highlighted the relevance of the theme behind the competition and most importantly he briefed the gathering to always ascertain they make a difference by doing the right thing.
“Young people like you were blindly led into committing the genocide against the Tutsi. I beseech you to always act differently from them. You have the ability to distinguish between good and bad. You should, therefore, do your utmost to keep your life record faultless”, he was quoted saying.

Remarks by the guest of honor

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