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You might have failed to personally take part in the recently concluded induction week at ULK Gisenyi Campus. However, you do not need to yield to sorrow because we have got for you the highlights of how the whole event was like. The section below will take you through the whole induction week with the focus being on the main activities and quotations from speakers who joined the campus community throughout the week.

As a reminder, the week in question kicked off on October 6th, 2015 and climaxed on October 9th, 2015. Something heartwarming is that the week made it possible for ongoing and new students to know one another and determine to join hands in making Kigali Independent University an academic institution envied by many people. They also vowed to be vanguards of change that would spread Rwandan values to different parts of the country so that the future generations may live in a country where harmony will be prevailing day in, day out.

Without continuing to whet your appetite, the following is how things were like from Monday through Friday. We are to narrate chronologically so as to better provide you with the picture of the event as a whole.

On Monday, the campus was privileged to welcome Umutahira(leader) representing itorero in Ruvavu District. His presence made the event colorful as he briefed participants especially new students on different realities pertaining to itorero (cultural school). As he said, “Itorero was re-introduced to revamp the culture of Rwandans which was at stake with some people behaving unethically”. On the same day, DVC Academics, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel was quoted saying, “Dear new students, trust me, you have made the right choice. ULK is an institution that academically strives for students’ excellence. Therefore, you will never be disappointed”.

Major Dr Kanyankore conveying his message

On Tuesday, the campus was very much honored to receive Major Dr Kanyankore William, head of Gisenyi Hospital who had come to interact with the campus community on “Physical fitness and HIV/ AIDS Prevention”. In his talk, he urged everyone to prioritize sports so as to live healthy. Then he advised them to visit health institutions for their HIV status and live responsibly while fighting the pandemic disease.

ULK Founder and President advising students

On Wednesday, the whole campus was in high spirits due to the presence of the Founder and President, Prof Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda who had come to greet new students and wish them a wonderful time at ULK Gisenyi Campus. In his remarks he equipped students with six aspects that lead to being an excellent student. Those are; regular class attendance, personal regular study, group work, reading activities, ICT Skills and English Skills.

IP Kanamugire addres­sing students

On Thursday, the campus was blessed with the presence of IP Kanamugire Théobald, the spokesperson of police in the western province. The policeman’s presence was not for granted. He was to brief participants on Gender Based Violence and Human Trafficking. While addressing participants he said that Gender Based Violence and human trafficking are crimes that require people to join hands if they are to be eradicated once and for all.

DVC Academics signing pledges (imihigo)

Remarks by Rubavu District Mayor

On Friday, the campus was in the seventh heaven to welcome Mr SINAMENYE Jérémie, Mayor of Rubavu District, who had come to first interact with the campus community and then declare the induction week closed. In his address, he thanked ULK for its pivotal role in building the nation and taking part in national initiatives geared towards the betterment of all Rwandans. Besides, he led the exercise of signing new pledges/imihigo made by the campus.

Dean of Students gui­ding students in umu­korongiro wo kumenya­na Easy way of knowi­ng one another

Still being on what took place during this week, we cannot fail to let you know that students took part in different cultural exercises like umukorongiro wo kumenyana (Easy way of knowing one another), umukorongiro wo gusigasira igisenge (Showcasing effects of team spirit), to mention but a few.

New students asked questions

Something heartwarming is that students, new and ongoing, were found closely united after the induction week was closed. They could be seen in groups walking together, exchanging ideas as a sign of a strong bond of friendship between them. One cannot therefore fail to attribute this togetherness to the unquestionable role played by the week in question. Long live, the induction week!

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