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In a glamorous event that had attracted people from all backgrounds of life, ULK Gisenyi campus marked its 9th graduation ceremony. The ceremony which undoubtedly went down into history took place on 23rd December, 2014 and saw a significant number of graduands being crowned with bachelor’s degrees in their respective fields of specialization. As a matter of illustration, the total number of graduands was 769, that is, 465 male graduands and 304 female graduands respectively.


The guest of honor at this function was the president and founder of Kigali Independent University, Prof. Dr. Rwigamba Balinda who was flanked by his spouse, Mrs NYIRASHYIRAMBERE M. Louise, Deputy Legal Representative of ULK. The graduation ceremony was also graced by many more dignitaries such as ULK Chancellor, Western province governor, police and army representatives, representatives from some Congolese institutions of higher learning, representatives of business companies operating in the area, to mention but a few.










By the virtue of the powers conferred upon him by the law, Prof. Dr.Kalisa Mbanda, ULK Chancellor, officially declared the graduation ceremony open. His official opening granted the green-light for the graduation activities to run smoothly. This is true of any case because shortly after his official opening, the list of graduands got read out by Deans of schools before their conferment by the Chancellor. Something worth informing is that students got their degrees from the schools of Economics and Business Studies, Social Sciences and Law.

In his speech, Prof. Dr Rwigamba Balinda, guest of honor, thanked all participants for having put their daily duties aside to join ULK Gisenyi Campus as it crowned students for the ninth time. He described their presence as an act of love and motivation to university managers. He also hailed students for having performed their assignments with distinction. Besides, he took some minutes to share with graduands some of the secrets that are likely to lead them towards success upon reaching the market place.



“If yours is to be successful in life, you should allow God to guide your steps. Indeed, you should work closely with others through cooperatives to be able to get loans to start up small scale businesses”, he was quoted saying.
Scarcely had his speech climaxed when Mr. Juvenal Nsengiyumva, event master of ceremony, announced that the floor was for different companies which were to award best graduands. In this respect, companies like UNGUKA Bank, ltd, Letshego, ltd and others made it forward and awarded best students with precious gifts.


Anyone would agree with me if I say that without students, no graduation ceremony can take place. In other words, both are intertwined. It is in this framework that ULK Gisenyi Campus granted some minutes to the graduands’ representative for his speech of the day. In his speech, Adamson Bahati, thanked the university for having sharpened their minds and made them confident enough to compete locally, regionally and globally. He also argued that they are ready to utilize the entrepreneurship skills acquired from class to be job creators rather than job seekers.
His speech attracted a thunderous clap from the cheering crowd.
Everything considered, the chancellor grabbed the microphone and dissolved the congregation.
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The best students were awarded


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