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Year in year out, universities and institutions of higher learning operating in Rwanda take time to integrate new students before they can verse into different courses scheduled for their respective programmes. It is in this perspective that today 5th October 2018, Kigali Independent University ULK/Gisenyi Campus officially integrated its fresher students known as “Intore nshya”. Prior to this official integration were activities which lasted five consecutive days (i.e. from Monday 1st October 20 up to early today Friday 5th October 2018). The activities were in line with a special week dubbed “induction week.” Throughout this induction week, the new students were briefed on various topics aiming at acquainting them with their rights and obligations as students. Topics addressing the government’s policies and programmes were not left aside. It is in this framework that different government officials, especially from the district level, made it to the campus in the course of the induction week to meet and brief the new students. Additionally, the new students were led to perform certain physical and mental activities related to building unity, developing endurance, patriotism, problem-solving ability and the like.

Upon entering the main hall of the campus, the new students were warmly welcomed by upper classes students as well as the staff. It was indeed a ceremony rich in colours. As a matter of fact,  the new students performed sketches, among other activities, in a view to thrill the audience and demonstrate their mastery of knowledge and skills that had been imparted to them along the induction week.

Speaking on the occasion, the senior most of the campus Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, Academic Director and Coordinator of Master’s Programme of ULK/Gisenyi Campus, enthusiastically thanked the new students for having decided to join university studies and taken ULK as the university where their dream must come true.

“On this special day of yours, I wish to thank you on behalf of ULK community and on my own behalf for the great decision you took to embark on university studies here at ULK. Indeed, it is a decision you cannot regret. You will all agree with me that education is the most important investment. It is therefore no wonder that benefits or gains are awaiting you,” he said.

Still in his address, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre also thanked the new students for having devoted themselves to the induction week’s activities, in these words:

“All this week long your trainers introduced you to various activities. Some of those activities called for your endurance. Thank you very much indeed for your successful completion. Now that you have made it, you are worthy of our thanks and congratulations. Feel now at home because you are no longer fresher, you are now Intore mu zindi.”

In his address, the Guest of honour, Mr. MUGISHA Francois, Chairman of Intore in Rubavu District, specifically shed light on what must characterize a real Intore.

“It goes without saying that you are now Intore integrated among the other Intore. Plus, the Gild President has just signed, on behalf of all the Intore under his lead, performance contracts. You must take your new position of Intore seriously and ascertain you comply with what is expected from you. As from now onward, you should be the light and role model to people you live with outside there by being heroes, patriots, peace-makers, problem solvers, just to mention among others,” he was quoted saying.

It is on the Guest of honour’s note that the ceremony climaxed.


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