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Once again, ULK Gisenyi Campus was honored and entrusted to host a two day ITORERO training session which targeted the entire staff of ULK GISENYI CAMPUS. The function took place on the premises of this campus from 24th through 25th September, 2014. As a matter of illustration, 84 participants successfully completed the workshop and they were all crowned ITORERO trainers.
Like any other important event, this function had attracted people from different corners including, Rucagu Boniface, National Itorero Chairman, UMURAZA Landrada, the commissioner in the National Itorero Commission, BAKUSI Alphonse, National Itorero Officer in charge of training and mobilization, Army and Police representatives, Rubavu district representatives, members of the media, ULK Gisenyi campus staff, to mention but a few. NIC-Chairman-briefing-participants-_1_.jpg

In his welcome note, Vice Rector Academics, Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, welcomed participants and urged them to be purpose driven trainees and make sure they end the workshop with skills to train other Rwandans for a safe and prosperous Rwanda. “A true Intore( civically trained person) should be endowed with ethical values in order for him to truly and significantly contribute to the betterment of the nation. You are therefore, requested to learn purposely so that when you go back, you go with a transformed and equipped mind to contribute to the country’s mission of shaping a brighter future where Rwandans will live together in harmony and prosperity”, he briefed participants.
Shortly after the welcome remarks, the floor was given to BAKUSI Alphonse to throw some light on the historical background of Itorero and then have a say on the rationale of the workshop. In his remarks, he reiterated that ITORERO goes back to ancient times whereby our ancestors used to train their children by equipping them with moral values and briefing them on anything tabooed in culture with a view to have a decent society where ills have no room. “Our forefathers used to train their children to become morally sound and live to pay a heed to tabooed things. This made them live harmoniously in unity. You are therefore going to be equipped with values that will enable you to transform lives of Rwandans for a better and shared future”, he said.

As soon as BAKUKI’s illustrations had climaxed, trainees were handed pens and pieces of paper for a short test. They were handed questions on Itorero and asked to answer them within 30 minutes. This move aimed at finding out the level at which these trainees are in terms of civic education. Independently, they all sat for the test and met the submission deadline.
Besides, UMURAZA Landrada proved she was attending the workshop for a sound cause. To this, she took the floor and illustrated more on the seven major values the government has approved to lead Rwandans towards the desired shared future. The values in question are among others, Unity, patriotism, Heroism, Rwandan Spirit, Humanity, to mention but a few.

She urged participants to strive for making these values part of their lives so that when they are called to train they may do so professionally. “Make these values yours, own them since they are the ones that will enable you to train others professionally when the right time comes”, she urged participants.
On the second day, participants were reminded what they acquired from the first day and then a board on which 10 principles of intore were written.NIC-Commissioner-addressing-participants.jpg

As it could be easily seen and read, each principle could go hand in hand with a slogan that people articulate together whenever the corresponding slogan is read out. For instance, when a coaching agent says, “ Intore ntiganya!”(A civically trained person never wails), the rest of the public will say, “Ishaka ibisubizo (He looks for solutions). In the late evening of the second day, participants were handed certificates and T-shirts to prove that NIC highly recognized them as true ITOREORO trainers. Thereafter, they had to express the list of their anticipated realizations as a form of their performance contract. To make this happen, a party got organized for them to unveil their envisaged outstanding achievements.
In this respect, Dr. MUNYAMASOKO Emmanuel, Itorero chairman at ULK Gisenyi Campus, led the rest of participants and expressed what ULK Gisenyi trainers are to realize in the days ahead.

Everything considered, the function climaxed in an appreciation note by RUCAGU Boniface, who thanked participants for their active participation and fruitful deliberations. He also reminded them that they were crowned so that they may contribute to the betterment of their nation by instilling moral values among their fellow compatriots.
“The T-shirt and Certificates you have been given are there to testify that you are now numbered among the country’s Itorero trainers. Go and make a difference in behavior and deeds. Be the mirror of the society when it comes to good manners”, he urged participants.



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