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Raising people’s awareness on a noble cause is a process that never takes an end. Any country that needs to keep registering tremendous steps forward has to make sure its citizens are updated about the vision the country aspires to embrace. It is in this vein that a two-man delegation, i.e. Hon. RUKU Rwabyoma John and Hon. MUKAYISENGA Françoise, from the Rwandan parliament visited ULK Gisenyi Campus to share with its community their theme entitled, “The role of the youth in national development”.
Upon the MPs’ arrival at the campus, they were welcomed by the campus senior management led by Dr MUNYAMASOKO Cyeze Emmanuel, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, who introduced them to the audience that had massively gathered in the campus main hall to listen to the message of the day.

Welcome note by DVC Academics

Given the floor, Hon. MUKAYISENGA Françoise said that the country entrusts lots of hope in young people as they are the ones to lead it in the days ahead. She went further to say that young people need to avoid anything that may hinder their desired future. As she expounded, a number of evils are waylaying young people to make them fall into traps, thus failure to embrace their brighter future. Some of the bottlenecks she put forth are among others drug abuse, promiscuity that may lead to HIV/AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases, or even unwanted pregnancies, to mention but a few. She therefore requested young people to avoid such ills for their promising future. “ As the leaders of tomorrow, you should set a good example by avoiding to take part in things like drug abuse, untimely sex which gives rise to HIV/AIDS and other STDs, not forgetting unwanted pregnancies”, she warned them.

Audience was all ears

In the same angle, Hon. RUKU Rwabyoma John supplemented what his counterpart had said but his focus was on human trafficking which is on the rise according to statistics. After defining what human-trafficking is all about, he proceeded with the measures put in place to uproot such an inhuman practice once and for all. But most importantly, he cautioned young people not to lend their ears to outsiders who promise them juicy jobs, scholarships, rich husbands and the like. As he made it clear, those who pay a heed to such promises end up becoming sexually harassed, enslaved, and treated in some other cruel ways. “Some people out there will promise you good jobs, scholarships and rich husbands, please don’t lend them your ears”, he warned students who had thronged the campus main hall.

Hon. MUKAYISENGA delivers her message

Given the fact that human-traffickers usually resort to the promise of the moon to mislead young people, he requested students to think on how to gather in cooperatives, create jobs during vacation and keep themselves busy instead of falling into traffickers’ traps. At last, he requested those in the room to give a tip off whenever they suspect signs of human-trafficking in the country.

Questions being aske­d

Having fully delivered their messages, they called for questions and comments from the audience and the latter proved to have been active listeners. Their questions and comments were all reacted on satisfactorily.


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