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On 25th May, 2018 ULK/Gisenyi Community (students, staff, etc.) walked to remember the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi in 1994. The walk kicked off at the campus yard and it was brought to close by Sebeya River. Upon arriving there, flowers were laid down on the river to honor the Tutsi killed and thrown in it during the drastic event of 1994.


It followed that the gathering walked back to the campus where different officials took the floor. As a matter of fact, all the remarks focused on raising the gathering’s awareness on the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi; hence shading light on misconceptions some people still have about it.

In his welcome remarks, Mr. ISHEMA Pierre, the Campus Coordinator, thanked each and everyone present for having joined the walk to remember.
“I wish to express my heart-felt thanks to each and everyone here present as ULK/Gisenyi Campus gathers to commemorate the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi in 1994. It’s no wonder that your joining us is a sign of patriotism and above all the honor you give to your fellow Rwandans who were massacred during the genocide against the Tutsi,” he told the gathering.
In his remarks, Mr. KALISA Roger, Representative of Rubavu District at the function, particularly stressed how we can make sure future generations never forget the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi.

“Many writers have come up with books about the genocide against the Tutsi. You should avail every opportunity to read those books. I exhort young people, especially students, to learn from History. You will all agree with me that he who does not learn from history is doomed not to know more about past events,” he was quoted saying.
No wonder, by spreading testimonials about genocide in books, it is possible to ensure that the genocide is not forgotten, no matter how many years pass, as memories are passed on to the next generation.
However, he went on saying that it is not enough just to learn from history, or just to remember the genocide. It is also imperative to tackle, challenge, debate, discuss, expose and teach so that it remains a contemporary issue.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr SEKIBIBI Ezechiel, ULK Vice-Chancellor and guest of honor stressed why it is so important to remember the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi.

He said, “Remembering the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi is an important act in itself. Indeed, that helps us to honor its victims and comfort the victims’ relatives. Indeed, when we walk to remember the genocide perpetuated against the Tutsi, we acknowledge the great evil done (…)”
It should be noted that besides remarks by different officials, testimonies about the genocide against the Tutsi were given by some genocide survivors present at the function.



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