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Three young ladies doing their Bachelor’s program at ULK Gisenyi campus did something that will go down in history by beating their UTB counterparts in a debate competition held on the campus of the University of Tourism and Business Studies, former RTUC on 23rd October, 2015. The three ladies, notably, Feza Clémence soon graduating in Rural Development, Esther from first year Economics and Business Studies and Tresor Ukwishaka from first year Economics and Business Studies proved their debate ingenuity and marveled the adjudicators.

The debate in question was organized by Akillah Institute for Women with a view to encourage women to take part in all national building programs. As it was organized, debaters had to lock horns in two rounds with each round having its own motion. Something that made ULK debaters rejoice with beams of smile on their lips is that they won both rounds unanimously.
Asked the secret behind such a huge success, debater, Feza Clémence reiterated that their success did not come on a silver platter, but instead it is a result of their hard work and unceasing practice and reading activities.

“Our success is not something that comes from the vacuum; we are always practicing in English and most importantly we regularly organize reading activities to inform ourselves on the realities of the world”

, she was quoted saying.

Debater Esther sometime in a competition

Debater Feza in one of the competitions she took part in

Trésor also debating on the side of ULK Gisenyi Campus, said that their success is multidimensional. It is a result of many factors including their active participation to English Club activities. “Having won this debate is something that does not befall us haphazardly; we are always sharpening our minds in various ways but most importantly, we are regular members of the English Club whose activities are organized biweekly”, she proudly said.
It is not the first time ULK Gisenyi debaters are shinning in competitions. Last year, a group of three students, namely, Vandrick Mukangi, Ndongozi Munyakabuga and Margret Mutuzo reached the finals of Rwanda Governance Board Debate Championships after emerging winners in the whole of Western Province. After beating their western province counterparts, they vowed that history will keep repeating itself; and now their words have materialized.
As the world is moving at a faster pace, there is need for visionary young people who would give it a decent direction in the days ahead.

It is in this respect that debates contribute in one way or another to the achievement of this goal. When young people like students take part in debates, they not only battle for being crowned the champions but they also sharpen their public speaking abilities as well as their critical thinking. To this, there is a glimmer of hope that the world ahead will have leaders whose minds think big towards finding solutions to its dwellers.

The Audience fol­lowing ideas with interest­

The recent debate competition saw ULK flag bearers go through to the finals due to take place at Akillah Institute for Women in Kibagabaga, Kigali on 30th October, 2015. This schedule gives another task to ULK debaters as they cannot sit with their arms folded; instead they have to keep informing themselves on the realities of the world with the focus being on the motions likely to be part of the forthcoming debate finals.

Although people say, “May the best win”, one cannot fail to wish the best of luck to ULK Gisenyi Campus debaters since what they are battling for is the pride of the university as a whole. May God enlighten their minds and enable them to debate persuasively!

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