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Whether you like it or not, we all owe our decent lives to a safe environment. When the latter is endangered, we are likely to undergo severe consequences. Not only does the environment impact positively on human beings lives, but it also plays an important part in the lives of other living beings like birds, animals, etc. You will for example find birds moving from one place to another because of climate change.

This is due to the degradation of environment usually caused by industrial activities through the emission of gases in the air. It is in this perspective that a delegation from REMA joined ULK Gisenyi Campus community on Thursday 4th April, 2015 to commemorate the “World Environment Day” whose theme is, “Seven billion dreams one planet, consume with care”. The event took place in the premises of the aforementioned campus under the auspices of two speakers, namely, Schmids Nicolas from UNDP and Ishimwe Yvette from REMA.


The function kicked off with a word of prayer led by Dr Ruhara Charles. His prayer paved the way for a welcome note made by DVC Academics, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel who thanked both the visitors and audience for having valued the day through their presence.

Shortly after the welcome remarks, the floor was given to Schmids Nicolas for him to convey his message. In a meaningful PowerPoint presentation he explained how what human beings do on a daily basis affects the environment in one way or another. To this, he insisted that people should consume moderately without going beyond what the world is capable of producing. “It’s a big problem to consume more than what our world is capable of providing for us”, he said.

What surprised a big number of those in attendance is the fact that our movements and meals are among those factors that lead to environment degradation. For instance, as he said, moving on foot is safer than driving; cooking beans is environment friendly when compared to cooking meat. “Beware of your movements as they also jeopardize our environment. You should as well pay much attention to what you cook for food.

Those who move on foot affect our environment positively while those who drive pollute the air by emitting Carbon dioxide. It is also worthwhile reminding that cooking beans is safer than cooking meat, so act responsibly”, he briefed participants.

As soon as Kayitare’s presentation came to an end, the floor was given to Ishimwe Yvette for supplementing him. In her intervention, she said that the whole week was dedicated to raising people’s awareness on how to care for the environment. She even requested participants to be on the forefront when it comes to using natural resources accordingly. “It’s been a week long raising people’s awareness on how environment friendly consumption can be made possible. Let’s stand jointly and abreast to use our natural resources properly”, she requested participants.

Given the way the presentation had caught the attention of the audience, a stream of people jostled to ask questions and make comments. This session was followed by the concluding remarks made by DVC Academics who used the quotation by John Quincy Adams to urge participants to dream big. He also told them that environment protection requires the contribution of all members of the human family. “As John Quincy Adams posits, ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader’.

Therefore, everyone should be on board when it comes to taking adequate measures against anything that may jeopardize our environment”, he urged them.


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