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Mark Twain was unquestionably right when he said, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” The saying meets a hundred percent what ULK Gisenyi students did for a widow when they gave their all to build for her a three roomed house to replace her former ramshackle house. The function to unveil the house in question took place at the widow’s home in Buhoza Cell, Rubavu District on 18th February, 2016.

It was a function that had attracted people from all walks of life such as military officers, police representatives, local leaders, ULK staff, students, local residents, to mention but a few.

Uwimana Aisha, 41, is a widow of 7 children. She used to live in adverse poverty before ULK students met her. The decision to build for her was a result of draws made to know the economically most affected resident in Rubavu Sector, Rubavu District. Residents themselves chose her from the rest of the dwellers and thereafter construction activities kick-started.

Speaking at the function, Ismael Bayingana, Guild president, said that the completion of the house is a result from many hands. He also pointed out that a true citizen helps others. “I would like to make it clear that the construction of this house was a result from many people who selflessly dedicated their resources to it. Indeed, what we did should serve as an example to others because a true citizen stands valuable within the society”, he disclosed.

Not only did the students construct a house for the needy woman, but they also erected a kitchen garden for her to enable the family to live healthy while eating vegetables planted in it. But most importantly, they paid some fees to make sure that the widow and her children are medically ensured.

Furaha Germaine, Gabiro Village leader, was overwhelmed and said that the students’ deed is exceptional and should be emulated by the rest of Rwandans. “It’s beyond describing. What they have done should teach a lesson to all of us as Rwandans so that our country may be an envy for many”, she enthusiastically said.

While addressing those at the function, Clarisse Imanizabayo, Executive Secretary of Rubavu Sector, thanked the students for the noble initiative that made the widow live to see her dream coming true. She also disclosed that the sector will keep helping the widow through various social programs to ensure that her economic status keeps registering tremendous strides.

Representing ULK Community at the function, Dr Munyamasoko Cyeze Emmanuel, DVC Academics, thanked the students for their initiative. He said that what they did is something copied from H.E Paul Kagame, president of the Republic, who always urges Rwandans to strive for making Rwanda beautiful.

“What you’ve done is in line with what our president, H.E Paul Kagame, always tells Rwandans. He always urges us to work together and help one another so as to make our country a place where poor living conditions have no seat”, he proudly said.

Given the floor, Uwimana Aisha, the beneficiary, made it clear that her joy was beyond understanding. She thanked the students for having saved her family by constructing a good house for it. “I’m missed of words. These students deserve my heartfelt thanks for having replaced my simple leaking house with a well-built house. May God bless them”, she said with tears of joy glistening in her eyes.

All is well that ends well. The function ended in a word of prayer said by Mr Karara Alexis, DVC Administration and Finance, ULK Gisenyi Campus.

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