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On 13th June 2019, Kigali Independent University ULK hosted a debate competition organized by Economic Policy Research Network (EPRN) in conjunction with Aspire Debate Rwanda (ADR). The debate brought together six Universities operating within the City of Kigali namely KIM University, Adventist University of Central Africa, Kepler University, UNILAK, Mount Kenya University Rwanda and the University of Kigali.

Officiating at the opening of the competition, Dr. LUBWAMA Joseph Ntege, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Kigali Independent University ULK thanked the organizers of the competition for having chosen ULK to host it. He also thanked all participating institutions before saying that a brighter future is not possible without people who think critically.

“I’d like to thank EPRN and ADR for their decision to bring this great event here at our campus. ULK is renowned for its hospitality and good infrastructure that makes it the right place for hosting events like this. I’d also like to thank the debaters who have come along to give meaning to this competition. Indeed, debates aim at training people to speak confidently and think critically something without which there is no brighter future for our nations”, he told the gathering.

While throwing some light on what Aspire Debate Rwanda is all about, David Ntambiye, the Executive Director of ADR said that the organization he heads was established to promote public speaking through debate education and other forms of public speeches. It also empowers youth on leadership and communication skills to nurture their critical thinking. He added that ADR believes in partnering with different institutions to better embrace its preset goals.

“The establishment of Aspire Debate Rwanda came into force after realizing that there was a big gap in communication skills especially when it comes to speaking in public with confidence and thinking critically. We, therefore, thought about introducing an organization that will be training and tipping people especially the youth on public speaking skills and critical thinking. To achieve these objectives, we found it worthwhile to work closely with other institutions like ULK, EPRN and many others because alone we couldn’t get where we desired to be”, he expounded.

Representing EPRN at the function was Niyonsaba David, Representative of Students Chapter who said that EPRN aims at equipping young people especially the youth with knowledge and skills of conducting research as well as enabling to showcase their research skills through public speaking.

The participating universities were represented by three debaters each whereby all of them locked horns in three rounds before making it to the semi-finals and finals which will be held in a few days ahead. The debate clash rotated around three motions, notably “This House Believes that the Government Should Establish the Minimum Wage Policy”, This House Believes that the Benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area outweigh the costs” and “This House Believes that the Government Should Give Four Year Grace period to SMEs.”

Kigali Independent University ULK was represented by three debaters namely NISHIMWE Ariane Douce, SHYAKA Jesse Rayson, and KABANDA Erica.

It should be noted that ULK debaters were declared winners of the three rounds they participated in. With this, there is a glimmer of hope that the semi-finals and even finals will be for them a walk in the park.

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