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Today 1st March 2017, Kigali Independent University was very much honored to host a conference aiming at preparing the set up of the Rwandan Entrepreneurship Research Forum, linking young entrepreneurs and researchers.  The conference had attracted experts from all walks of life who had come to exchange on what should be done to uplift young entrepreneurs and researchers.

The move came after the United Nations University, besieged in Tokyo, Japan expressed its burning desire to promote entrepreneurship among young people across Africa as well as promoting capacity building for sustainability in Africa.


Dr. OKOKO OSAMBO, Deputy Vice Chancellor Academics, was one of the key speakers during the meeting. In his presentation, he highlighted the role played by entrepreneurship and thereafter made it clear that there is an umbrella organization that targets to bring together all young African entrepreneurs and researchers for sustainable development. As he vindicated, this umbrella is known as AYES (African Young Entrepreneurs Society) now running in Nairobi, Kenya.


Dr. OKOKO OSAMBO added that the pioneers behind the creation of that organization want it to be spread across Africa and have many branches. It is in this respect that, its Rwandan Chapter is expected to be launched in few days ahead if nothing jeopardizes the plans now in the pipeline.

Borrowing a leaf from the words uttered by Obino, Namusonge et al. Dr. OKOKO OSAMBO tried to explain what entrepreneurship really means and came up with the definition that it is is the individual motivation and willingness to take risk, create and sustain a growth-oriented and profit making enterprise”

As it was revealed two more meetings are set to take place in the days ahead. One on Young Entrepreneurs which is expected to be held on 07March, 2017, and another which slated for 14th March, 2017 which will tackle entrepreneurship at the national level.

Some challenges were singled out as impediments to successful entrepreneurship in Africa. They include unfriendly business environment characterized by regulatory burden and bureaucratic procedures, inaccessibility to credit, and poor physical infrastructure.

Towards the end of his presentation, Dr. OKOKO OSAMBO pointed out some research areas of focus as proposed by the Nairobi Workshop. Those are agribusiness entrepreneurship research and manufacturing entrepreneurship research.

The meeting climaxed in everyone resolving to do whatever it takes to make Africa a continent on which young people are taking the lead in creating sustainable projects for the betterment of the continent and the world at large.

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