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In a competition dubbed “International Humanitarian Law National Moot Court” ULK Students emerged winners after beating their fellows from University of Rwanda. This completion took place at the Supreme Court of Rwanda on 6th October, 2016. Kigali Independent University ULK was represented by three law students notably; Mr. MUGISHA Fred, NDAHAYO Karisiti and KASSANA Lois. The trio fought confidently to walk back home with a trophy allowing them to make it to the finals which will be held in Arusha, Tanzania next month.

Such a competition is organized to test students’ openness in legal matters. To this, the organizers require both sides to behave like lawyers defending and accusing a given person for allegedly having committed crimes.

ULK Moot Court wins over University of Rwanda

This being the case, ULK students had to stand as prosecutors while those from the University of Rwanda had to defend. In order for their controversial points to be well assessed, a fictional suspect, General John Fimbo, was brought to book to face the long arm of justice after being accused of having bombed a Bandu fictional country, using military aircrafts.

As it was clarified, Bandu was signatory to the Geneva Conventions. In the same perspective, Gen. Fimbo’s home country, Dinka penned the same Geneva Conventions, which means that both states are supposed to abide by what is stipulated in those conventions.

The disputes between both countries erupted after one of them decided to disassociate with its neighbor yet they were previously considered as one state. Indeed, what worsened matters was the fact that Bandu was a gold state whereas Dinka was a poor state with no tangible natural resources.

The misunderstanding between both states pushed Gen. Fimbo to invade Bandu with aircrafts and his bombings claimed lives of many people and gave rise to the destruction of the country materially.

Both sides tried their best to win the competition but at the end of the day ULK students won the lawsuit. Having won, ULK law students book their spot in the finals which are due to take place in Arusha Tanzania come next month.

Commenting on their victory, Mr.Ndahayo Karisiti said that their victory signifies that they have drawn knowledge from the right fountain of knowledge. “The fact that we have won this competition means that we made the right choice to go to the best university, and this will enable us to always register tremendous achievements”, he said with beams of smile on his lips.

Asked how he feels after his students had won the competition, Mr. Musafiri Gasana, Head of the Department of Law and the coach of the winning team, at Kigali Independent University ULK, said that it is a something heartwarming to have students who make their university proud by beating their fellows from other universities.

ULK Law students with Prof. Dr RWIGAMBA Balinda founder and president of ULK

In the same perspective, Prof. Dr. RWIGAMBA Balinda, Founder and President of Kigali Independent University ULK, expressed his gratitude vis-à-vis the victory of these students. “The victory registered by these students is a clear indication of their unquestionable knowledge, and this witnesses that their future is promising”, he proudly said.

“As their parent, all I can do is to request for them heavenly blessings and wish them the best of luck in Arusha so that they may walk back home with a regional trophy to make not only ULK proud but also the country as a whole”, he added.

It should be noted that law students usually compete in what is known as “Moot Court Exercise” to enhance their knowledge in legal drafting and pleading techniques.

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